Let us teach you what is rarely ever taught, the subjects that are important ones, the ones that should be taught. Our program is aimed to help those entering the Horse Industry who stagger around looking for help but don't know where to get it. It is also an attempt to save those that represent the high casualty rate from falling out of the Industry due to a lack of real knowledge. This is real horsemanship. No touchy feely, fluffy, guru type stuff where they lead you to the water but make you pay to drink. This effort is for the sake of the horses. Horses are our business. With over 30 years experience, we will help you get what you want from your horse. We have a strong belief that the more you know, the better off your horse will be. This is not a trot in a circle for an hour program. We will teach you why your horse does what he does, and why he responds to our techniques. You will learn the psychology of the horse. If you want real results, in a reasonable amount of time that is cost efficient, contact us. Please call for more information Scott Morris 404-844-1569 Angie Crews 770-315-3330 Want to learn how to care for a horse? Need to learn to ride correctly? Looking for that Perfect Horse? Show or Trail—Gaited or Trotting? Let us help! We offer a 20 stall barn with 12 x 12 stalls on 35 acres with 3 acre lake, indoor riding, round pen, arena, 2 wash racks, grooming area, large tack room, trail riding, jumps, barrels, horse playground, etc. Prices depending upon requirements of horse and customer. Please call for an estimate. Qualified Trainer—Scott Morris Parelli Natural Horsemanship Coach for Clinics – Angie Crews Email: or
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