I am a LPN, currently unemployed due to office closing. Married to a wonderful man and live on a 65 acre country home with a pasture for a horse. We have a lot of trails and need a sturdy and safe trail horse. I have a son who has been living with a traumatic brain injury since age 2 and is now 21. He has no friends or hobbies other than video games and music. The right side of his body is affected (weak), and he has limited use of his right hand. I would love to have a horse for him to help care for and to ride. It would help him with balance and responsibility. I have loved horses all of my life and have friends that have horses who can help me take wonderful and proper care. If your horse needs a good home with a loving family, please consider us. I will be honest and tell you I am not wanting to pay much due to expenses I will have buying tack etc.. Thank you for your time.
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Beautiful country home with pasture and no horse :-(
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