Started giving lessons and training saddlebreds at the age fourteen. After graduating I took a job under Gorge Knight unable to reconcile how saddlebreds are trained with the my love for horses I quit looking for a more natural breed. Finding Frisians I took a job at Walnut Way farms in Kentucky working under Morris Curr. For six years working as assistant trainer learning to drive multiples and ride and train classical dressage. I believe that any training method that requires gimmicks or tricks is inherently flawed. I believe the best way to train a horse is listen to the horse. If that horse does not naturally take to jumping you can not train it into them. Training people I find it much the same way. Go to their level. do not assume that they can feel a beat in a trot. It is my job to break the process down to the point they can start to feel it instead of just assuming that sooner or later they will get it. That approach to me is both frustrating and dangerous. I also believe in teaching the whole horse. there is far more to them then just hopping up and riding. If you are going to ride a horse you should know how to deal with them on the ground as well as what to look for before throwing your self up on a back of a flight animal that out weighs the average person by eight hundred pounds.
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Simple Natural horsemanship without the gimmicks
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