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New Haven
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Dear People, I\'m not going to talk about boys. Or girls. Or Justin Bieber. Not even Black Ops. And heart breaks. You know what I\'m going to talk about? Turtles. Because everyone loves turtles. Especially when they\'re awkward.,Draft horses,Cowb
Favorite Books:
Black Beauty Book,Twilight Saga,Mockingjay,Blue Moon (Noel novel),Who Reads These Days,Truth is... We hide because we want to be found... We walk away to see who follows... We cry to see who wipes away the tears... And we let our hearts be see
Favorite Films:
G.I. Joe,Taken,1-800 Choke Dat Hoe,Spaceballs,The Proposal,The Twilight Saga,Chernobyl Diaries,Breaking Dawn,Flicka,Step Up Movie,Step Brothers,Prom Night,I Am Number Four Movie,The Lucky One,The Hangover 2,Gone,See American Pie,Get Rich or Die Tryin\',Jo
Favorite Music:
Chris Brown Dueces,bruno mars granade,Weezy,Waka Floka,Avengend Sevenfold,maranda lambert,Pretty Much Everything,Airplanes
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