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United States
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Pole bending,American Paint Horse,Beach,iPod,Cowboys,Horse showmanship,Horse training,Horse Shows,Movies,Cuddling,Fishing,National Finals Rodeo,Music,Herbalism,Friendship,American Association of Zoo Keepers,Writing,Road trips,Baking,Sewing,The Country Net
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Eragon,Angels & Demons,The Da Vinci Code,Where the Red Fern Grows,Harry Potter series,Hamlet,Twilight,Romeo and Juliet,The Complete Training of Horse and Rider by Alois Podhajsky,My Horses My Teachers,Scuola di cavalleria - François Robichon de la Guérini
Favorite Films:
Hope Floats,Pretty Woman,Indiana Jones,The Wizard of Oz,Sweet Home Alabama,The Cowboy Way,Nala,Mulan,A Walk To Remember,The Princess and the Frog,The Little Mermaid,Schindler\'s List,Night At The Museum,300,Lady and the Tramp,Winnie the Pooh,Pride and Pre
Favorite Music:
Inrique Iglésias,Native American Music,Native American Flute Music,80\'s Rock
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