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  •  glennalewis: 
    Hi Vicki, thanks for the friend invite!!! I totally agree with ptladybug! I am 56 and just have been taking lessons since last October, and purchased my first horse last March! I never thought in my wildest dreams it would be possible for me to own a horse, but God does answer prayers, and boy he sure has answered mine in more ways then I can count, the horse being one of many blessings for me!!

    What kind of horse are you interested in?? Did you say you are taking lessons to? Do you ride English or Western? I was taking lesson on a paint, which I purchased, but now am thinking I would like a Tennessee Walker, or a Friesian Sport horse, so I am putting my horse up for sale.

    I am new to this Wikihorse forum, and think I am going to like it. Getting use to the format.

    Look forward to hearing about your horsey news!

     1697 days ago 
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  •  ptladybug: 
    Good for you! Don't give up on your dream. God works things out when you trust Him. I always wanted my own horse too. I had no family or money to do that. For the last 10 years I have worked for ranches with my 2 girls and God has blessed us with many good times, competitions, horse friends and now at 50 my own horse and a wonderful relationship with my kids. Pray about it and where you should go, God will direct you if you turn to Him. Blessings.
     1702 days ago 
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i have been riding and leasing horses for a few yrs. i would like to own my horse someday.
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