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Living in Florida since 1972. Married to husband for over 25 years. Have 4 children, 7 grandchildren and another on the way 12/12/12. I love animals of most kinds, especially horses, dogs, birds and most farm animals. Not crazy about spiders and roaches. Snakes are okay. Tame rats are cool. Wild rats are creepy, mean and disgusting. Raised Border Collie dogs for almost 20 years. Was in serious, almost fatal horse accident in 2005 and have been disabled ever since. I still love horses but must sell them. No use hanging on any longer. It is becoming apparent I will never be capable of riding again. I've closed my kennel and have only 3 adult dogs left to find homes for. I also have 2 chihuahuas that live indoors, a green cheek conure, 2 fish, 2 kittens, and a very tame pet nanny goat outside. I tend to like my animals much more than most people these days. I miss Ronald Regan. I miss a more conservative and decent USA. I'm afraid we will need a miracle to save this once great country, but since so few talk to God anymore, I guess He's not much in the mood to help. My husband and son are both police officers. My husband has 1 year and 1 month before he retires...if our planet isn't completely nuked to dust by then. God bless America is all I can say.
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