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Trainer Q&A - Behavior Problems & Quirks - What can I do to get my barn-sour horse to leave the farm?

What can I do to get my barn-sour horse to leave the farm?


My 19 year-old quarter horse mare is barn sour.I can't get her off of the farm. She just won't walk. I lead her from the ground even! How can I fix this?

Our Trainer Answers:

If your mare is refusing to move forward when you are asking her to, then she needs reeducated on her go forward cue. To begin refreshing her memory, tack her up and take her to an area that is safe for schooling her in all of her gaits (this could be a round pen, an arena or a fairly level pasture). Beginning at the halt, smooch or cluck to her, then squeeze with your calves, if this does not work, spank her hard on the rear end with your split reins or a crop. Use these same cues consistently. If she knows that each time you ask her to move forward and she responds, you will stop squeezing or spanking, then she will become more obedient. Work with these same cues at all three gaits. Continue this until she is very willing to move forward at all times. Then try to take her out for a ride off the farm. If she still gives you trouble, then you need to spend more time training.

Thank You and Happy Trails!

Christy Mellington