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Trainer Q&A - Rider Training - I have a neck injury, how safe is it for me to resume riding?

I have a neck injury, how safe is it for me to resume riding?

Tias Asks:

How much stress on the spine/back/neck does horse riding put on the rider? I have a huge neck problem but I used to take horse riding lessons and I loved it but my dad got me to quit once we found out about my neck.

Our Trainer Answers:

In order to be a proficient rider, we must be as physically fit as we expect our horse to be. Riding is stressful on the human body if not in tip top shape, in order to make our ride easier on both our body and our horse, we must be fit enough to sit and ride correctly.

I do not recommend taking up horseback riding as a hobby to people who have back or neck problems. Horseback riding is inherently dangerous enough for those of us that have no spinal issues. If a fall could render you paralyzed, the fun would not be worth the price you would have to pay for the entirety of your life. However, the final decision is in your hands.

The concussion of riding a horse can be lessened by riding a gaited horse. Gaited horses move with a four-beat gait that is smoother than a stock horse. Gaited horses include Foxtrotters, Tennessee Walkers, Rocky Mountain Horses, Racking Horses, Icelandics, and Pasos.

Thank You and Happy Trails!

Christy Mellington