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Trainer Q&A - Behavior Problems & Quirks - How do I teach my colt not to bite? How many inches is a hand?

How do I teach my colt not to bite? How many inches is a hand?

Fbstiches Asks:

I have a Arabian Colt 15 months old and he tries to bite everyone. How can I stop him? Also, how do I tell how tall he is? How many inches is a Hand? Thanks!

Our Trainer Answers:

Biting is a very dangerous habit and needs to be addressed the moment it begins. When your colt is trying to bite it is more than likely not trying to hurt you, but rather this is the way that colts play. However, this behavior must be stopped altogether before it becomes a game to your colt and someone ends up getting hurt.

When leading or handling your colt, keep him haltered with a leadrope snapped to it. Hold your leadrope at the snap under his chin and the moment that he tries to bite you, pop him under the chin with the snap. Try not to allow him to see you, as this will cause him to become headshy. Never slap at his face for the same reason, if he learns that you are going to slap him and he moves out of the way quick enough to cause you to miss, this will soon become a very fun game for him. As for him biting other people, do not allow others around his face until this biting has been completely stopped.

A hand is a measurement of 4 inches. Measure your colt from his withers to the ground in inches and divide by 4, this will tell you how many hands tall he is.

Thank You and Happy Trails,

Christy Mellington