Pedigree Section

The (WHW) Pedigree section is totally free and has been designed to be the most sophisticated and state of the art Horse Pedigree Database on the Internet. With the help of Horse Lovers, Horse Sellers, and Equine Enthusiasts just like you, our highly advanced Equine Pedigree system will soon become the most important and valuable repository of Horse Lineage information in the world. The breadth of Horse Pedigree Research features offered by the WHW Pedigree Database stands head and shoulders above that offered by any other Horse Website. Unlike other Horse websites which merely allow Horse Seller's to display Horse Pedigree info on a Classified Ad, at WikiHorseWorld we permanently enter all Horse Pedigrees into our Pedigree Database and intelligently link/associate every Horse with all its respective ancestors and descendents such that over time, we'll build a complete Pedigree History of all Horse Breeds. Each time a Horse seller enters his Horse's Pedigree into a Horse Classified Ad, that Horse will be automatically and permanently entered into our Horse Pedigree system and Horse Lovers around the world can also collaborate to add Horse Pedigree information for their own Horses, Champion Horses, Show Horses, and any and all Registered Horses. WikiHorseWorld is passionate about Horses and has developed the world's most sophisticated Horse Lineage Database so, by working together, we can build the most comprehensive and completely free Equine Pedigree Database in the world for posterity; Horse by Horse and Breed by Breed. Horse Pedigree information can be directly entered into our elegant, easy to read, and easy to navigate Pedigree Chart and Horse Lovers can work together to create extensive Wiki Description Pages which can include tons of stats and virtually unlimited Photos, Videos, and Text for each Horse.

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