Equine Review Section

The WikiHorseWorld.com (WHW) Equine Review Section is totally free and will enable users to write very detailed (or very brief) reviews or "critiques" on virtually any Horse related Product, Service, or Event. Using our Equine Review system, WHW users can share their own personal (and anonymous) impression of things such as Horse Tack, Horse Shows or Horse Competitive Events, WHW Horse Sellers, Horse Products, Horse Vets, Horse Trainers, Horse Farriers, Horse Books, Horse Training Videos etc. Most importantly, all WikiHorseWorld users will be able to perform Quick or detailed Advanced Searches of all Equine Reviews using one or more of the following search criteria to quickly locate the specific reviews they're looking for.

  • Manufacturer, model, and pricing info
  • A value, quality, and overall satisfaction ranking
  • The location of the business being reviewed or where the item was purchased from
  • Favorable, unfavorable, and summary comments

All reviews can contain one or more photos of the item being reviewed and to be fair to everyone, there's even a rebuttal area where the business, manufacturer, Horse Seller, or service provider being reviewed can dispute or clarify any unfavorable reviews. We hope that our free Equine Review system will empower our user community to make more informed Horse Care and purchasing decisions.

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