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Åby Racetrack

Coordinates: 57°39′01″N 12°00′04″E / 57.6504°N 12.0010°E / 57.6504; 12.0010

Horse Race Track

Åby Racetrack

Location Mölndal, Sweden
Year opened 1936
Race type Standardbred - Harness racing
Record attendance 17,401
(at Olympiatravet, April 18, 2009)[1]
Driver champion Åke Svanstedt (93 wins at Åby in 2008)[2]
Trainer champion Åke Svanstedt
(SEK9,731,566 won at Åby in 2008)[2]
Website www.abytravet.se

Principal Races


Åby Stora Pris

Konung Gustaf V:s Pokal

Drottning Silvias Pokal

Åby Racetrack (Swedish: Åbytravet) is a horse racing track located in Mölndal, 10 km south of Gothenburg, Sweden.[3]

Åby was opened in 1936 as a track for harness racing as well as thoroughbred racing. Since October 1976, the track has been dedicated to harness racing solely.[4]

Åby is the second biggest track for harness racing in Sweden.[5] The length of the track is 1,000 meters.


Major events


  • International Group I race.[3]
  • Setup (2009): Final race of 2,140 meters. Finalists had either qualified in one of four specific elimination races in the month before the final or been rewarded a wild card. The title holder was guaranteed a place in the final as well.[6]
  • Date (2009): April 18 (the final).[6]
  • Purse (2009, the final only): US$462,772 (SEK 2,750,000), which made it the second biggest race in Sweden.[3][7]
  • Titleholder: Triton Sund (driven by Örjan Kihlström), winner in 2009.[7]

Åby Stora Pris

  • International Group I race.[8]
  • Setup (2008): Eight horses race two heats of 1,640 meters. These heats are followed by a race-off, also of 1,640 meters, if necessary, i.e. if the two heats are won by different horses.[9]
  • Date (2008): September 20.[8]
  • Purse (2008): US$359,451 (SEK 2,400,000).[8]
  • Titleholder: Garland Kronos (driven by Lutfi Kolgjini), winner in 2008.[10]

Konung Gustaf V:s Pokal

  • International Group I stakes race for four-year-old stallions and geldings.[11]
  • Setup (2009): Three elimination races from which the first four horses progressed to the final 14 days later. Final race of 2,140 meters.[12][13]
  • Date (2009): May 14 (the final).[11]
  • Purse (2009, the final only): ≈US$273,000 (€200,000).[11]
  • Titleholder: Knockout Rose (driven by Erik Adielsson), winner in 2009.[11]

Drottning Silvias Pokal

  • International Group I stakes race for four-year-old mares.[14]
  • Setup (2009): Four elimination races and final 14 days later. Final race of 2,140 meters.[13][15]
  • Date (2009): May 14 (the final).[14]
  • Purse (2009, the final only): ≈US$273,000 (€200,000).[14]
  • Titleholder: Mystic Lady U.S. (driven by Robert Bergh), winner in 2009.[14]


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