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13th century


Map of Eurasia circa 1200 C.E.

As a means of recording the passage of time, the 13th century was that century which lasted from 1201 through 1300 in accordance with the Julian calendar in the Christian/Common Era. In the history of European culture, this period is considered part of the High Middle Ages, and after its conquests in Asia the Mongol Empire stretched from Eastern Asia to Eastern Europe.



File:Mongol Archer.jpg
The Mongols, under the leadership of Genghis Khan, overran most of Asia, thus creating the second largest empire to ever exist, surpassed only by the British Empire. They achieved this success in large part due to their amazing horse archers.


File:Chinesischer Maler von 1238 001.jpg
Portrait of the Chinese Zen Buddhist Wuzhun Shifan, painted in 1238, Song Dynasty.
File:Hommage of Edward I to Philippe le Bel.jpg
Hommage of Edward I (kneeling), to the Philippe le Bel (seated). As Duke of Aquitaine, Edward was a vassal to the French king.

Significant people

File:Kalojan desislava.jpg
Frescoes from the 13th century Boyana Church

Inventions, discoveries, introductions

Decades and years

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af:13de eeu als:13. Jahrhundert ar:قرن 13 an:Sieglo XIII ast:Sieglu XIII az:XIII əsr zh-min-nan:13 sè-kí be:13 стагоддзе be-x-old:13 стагодзьдзе bs:13. vijek br:XIIIvet kantved bg:13 век ca:Segle XIII cv:XIII ĕмĕр cs:13. století cy:13eg ganrif da:13. århundrede de:13. Jahrhundert et:13. sajand el:13ος αιώνας es:Siglo XIII eo:13-a jarcento eu:XIII. mendea fa:سده ۱۳ (میلادی) fr:XIIIe siècle fy:13e ieu ga:13ú haois gv:13oo eash gd:13mh Linn gl:Século XIII gan:13世紀 ko:13세기 hy:13-րդ դար hr:13. stoljeće io:13ma yar-cento id:Abad ke-13 os:XIII æнус is:13. öldin it:XIII secolo he:המאה ה-13 jv:Abad kaping 13 ka:XIII საუკუნე kk:13 ғ. kw:13ves kansbledhen sw:Karne ya 13 ku:Sedsala 13'an la:Saeculum 13 lv:13. gadsimts lb:13. Joerhonnert lt:XIII amžius lij:XIII secolo li:Dertiende iew hu:13. század mk:13 век mi:Rautau 13 mr:इ.स.चे १३ वे शतक ms:Abad ke-13 mn:13-р зуун nl:13e eeuw nds-nl:13e eeuw ja:13世紀 no:13. århundre nn:1200-talet nrm:XIIIe s. oc:Sègle XIII uz:XIII asr nds:13. Johrhunnert pl:XIII wiek pt:Século XIII ksh:13. Joohunndot ro:Secolul al XIII-lea ru:XIII век sah:XIII үйэ stq:13. Jierhunnert sq:Shekulli XIII scn:Sèculu XIII simple:13th century sk:13. storočie sl:13. stoletje sr:13. век sh:13. vijek su:Abad ka-13 fi:1200-luku sv:1200-talet ta:13ம் நூற்றாண்டு tt:13. yöz th:คริสต์ศตวรรษที่ 13 tr:13. yüzyıl tk:13-nji asyr uk:13 століття vec:XIII secolo vi:Thế kỷ 13 fiu-vro:13. aastagasada wa:13inme sieke yi:13טער י"ה bat-smg:XIII omžios zh:13世纪


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