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2005 Melbourne Cup

The 2005 Melbourne Cup was held on Tuesday, 1 November 2005. It was won by Makybe Diva[1] for the third time in a row, the first time this has happened in the history of the cup. The Melbourne Cup is the most popular horse race in Australia, and is televised around the world. The 24 horses which qualified for the 2005 race are:

A strategy often used by jockeys is to stay behind for most of the race, before a final sprint at the end. In this year, for instance, none of the first four horses in the race were ahead anywhere before the final 500 metres. All the horses which had been in the top four during the race did not win the race or even place. The horse Mr. Celebrity was ahead for most of the race but ended up coming in 23rd. Umbula, which was ahead at the start ended up coming in 20th.



Number Horse Country Trainer Jockey Finishing position
1 Makybe Diva Australia Lee Freedman Glen Boss 1st
2 Vinnie Roe Ireland Dermot Weld Pat Smullen 8th
3 Distinction Ireland Michael Stoute M Kinane 19th
4 Greys Inn USA Mike De Kock Weichong Marwing 17th
5 Franklins Gardens Great Britain Mark Tompkins Darryll Holland 24th
6 Eye Popper Japan Izumi Shimizu S Fujita 12th
7 Railings Australia John Hawkes G Childs 14th
8 Xcellent New Zealand Michael Moroney M T Coleman 3rd
9 Kindjhal France David Hayes D Dunn 9th
10 Hugs Dancer France David Hayes D Dunn 21st
11 Demerger Australia Danny O'Brien B Shinn 13th
12 Dizelle Australia John Hawkes Darren Beadman 11th
13 Lachlan River New Zealand John Morrisey G Colless 5th
14 Portland Singa New Zealand Neville McBurney L Cassidy 6th
15 Vouvray New Zealand Peter G Moody S Seamer 15th
16 On a Jeune Australia Peter Montgomerie Darren Gauci 2nd
17 Umbula Australia Mick Price S Baster 20th
18 Bazelle New Zealand Paul Jenkins R McLeod 22nd
19 Envoy New Zealand Ken Kelso P Mertens 7th
20 Rizon Australia Cliff Brown J Ford 10th
21 Strasbourg Australia Bart Cummings L Nolen 18th
22 Leica Falcon Australia Richard Freyer K McEvoy 4th
23 Mr Celebrity New Zealand Gai Waterhouse D Beasley 23rd
24 Kamsky Australia Bart Cummings C Williams 16th

Final moments

As they left the straight, round the turn and along the back straight it was:

  1. 17 Umbula
  1. 23 Mr Celebrity
  1. 18 Bazelle
  1. 14 Portland Singa

Changed to:

  1. 23 Mr Celebrity
  1. 18 Bazelle
  1. 17 Umbula
  1. 14 Portland Singa


  1. 23 Mr Celebrity
  1. 14 Portland Singa
  1. 18 Bazelle
  1. 17 Umbula

With about 1100m left to go it was:

  1. 23 Mr Celebrity
  1. 14 Portland Singa
  1. 17 Umbula
  1. 18 Bazelle

As they came to the turn:

  1. 23 Mr Celebrity
  1. 14 Portland Singa
  1. 17 Umbula
  1. 6 Eye Popper


  1. 23 Mr Celebrity
  1. 14 Portland Singa
  1. 6 Eye Popper
  1. 17 Umbula

With 500m left to go:

  1. 14 Portland Singa
  1. 23 Mr Celebrity
  1. 6 Eye Popper
  1. 13 Lachlan River


  1. 1 Makybe Diva
  1. 16 On a Jeune
  1. 8 Xcellent
  1. 22 Leica Falcon


Place Barrier Horse Race Time
1st 14 Makybe Diva
2nd 11 On a Jeune
3rd 17 Xcellent
4th 20 Leica Falcon
5th 3 Lachlan River
6th 1 Portland Singa
7th 2 Envoy
8th 24 Vinnie Roe
9th 12 Kindjhal
10th 16 Rizon
11th 18 Dizelle
12th 9 Eye Popper
13th 4 Demerger
14th 5 Railings
15th 15 Vouvray
16th 23 Kamsky
17th 13 Greys Inn
18th 6 Strasbourg
19th 21 Distinction
20th 8 Umbula
21st 7 Hugs Dancer
22nd 22 Bazelle
23rd 19 Mr Celebrity
24th 10 Franklins Garden


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