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2009 CV Whitney Cup

The 2009 CV Whitney Cup was played at Florida's International Polo Club, as a World Polo Tour Cup event, Febryary 38th-March 9, 2009.


Participating teams

Team Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4
Audi Flag of Argentina Facundo Pieres Flag of Argentina Gonzalo Pieres Flag of Canada Frederick Mannix Flag of the United States Marc Ganzi
Las Monjitas Flag of Argentina Eduardo Novillo Astrada Flag of Argentina Ignacio Novillo Astrada Flag of the United States Adam Snow Flag of Colombia Camilo Bautista
Pony Express Flag of Argentina Matías Magrini Flag of Uruguay David Stirling Flag of Argentina Nicolás Roldán Flag of the United States Bob Daniels
Lechuza Caracas Flag of Argentina Juan Martín Nero Flag of Argentina Guillermo Caset Flag of Argentina Nicolás Espaín Flag of Venezuela Víctor Vargas
White Birch Flag of Argentina Mariano Aguerre Flag of Argentina Francisco Bensadón Flag of the United States Jeff Blake Flag of the United States Peter Brant
Zacara Flag of Argentina Cristian Laprida Flag of Mexico Carlos Gracida Flag of the United States Jeff Hall Flag of Canada Lyndon Lea
Orchard Hill Flag of Argentina Pablo Mac Donough Flag of Argentina Lucas Criado Flag of Mexico Héctor Galindo Flag of the United States Steve Van Andel


First Round

Date Time Teams

Sat. Feb. 28 3:00 pm Pony Express def. Las Monjitas 12-11 in OT

Sun. Mar. 1 12:00 pm Lechuza Caracas def. Orchard Hill 14-13 in OT

3:00 pm Audi def. White Birch 11-10


Wed. Mar. 4 1:00 pm Audi def. Zacara 15-13

3:00 pm Lechuza Caracas def. Pony Express 14-7

Consolation Cup

Thu. Mar. 5 3:00 pm Semifinal: Las Monjitas def. Orchard Hill 9-7

Sun. Mar. 8 12:00 pm IPC Cup Final: Las Monjitas vs. White Birch The game was stopped after Mariano Aguerre suffered an injury in the first chukker and a substitute was unavailable.


3:00 pm CV Whitney Final Audi def. Lechuza Caracas 8-7

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