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All American Futurity

The All American Futurity is a race for two-year-old American Quarter Horse racehorses run at Ruidoso Downs Race Track in Ruidoso Downs, New Mexico on Labor Day. It is the last leg of the AQHA Triple Crown that has only been won once by Special Effort in 1981. A 4 million dollar bonus was once offered to the horse that could sweep all three Triple Crown races. It started in 1959, with a purse of $129,686.85.[1] It has always billed itself as the richest race in American Quarter Horse racing,[2] In 1978 the purse was over a million dollars and in 1982, the winner's portion of the purse totaled over a million dollars for the first time.[1]

The track record was set at this race in 2006, when No Secrets Here finished in a time of 20.886 seconds, for a speed of 43.091 miles/hr. That remains the world speed record for racehorses.

Sept 6, 1971 New Track Record 19:65 seconds Purse $502,782.58 Mr. Kid Charge How can the 2006 race be the track record? Unless the track is a new track?


Winners by year

Year Horse
1959 Galobar
1960 Tonto Bars Hank
1961 Pokey Bar
1962 Hustling Man
1963 Goetta
1964 Decketta
1965 Savannah Jr
1966 Go Dick Go
1967 Laico Bird
1968 Three Oh's
1969 Easy Jet
1970 Rocket Wrangler
1971 Mr Kid Charge

19.65 seconds

1972 Possumsmjet
1973 Timeto Thinkrich
1974 Easy Date
1975 Bugs Alive In 75
1976 Real Wind
1977 Hot Idea
1978 Moon Lark
1979 Pie In The Sky
1980 Higheasterjet
1981 Special Effort
1982 Mr Master Bug
1983 On A High
1984 Eastex
1985 Mr Trucka Jet
1986 Ronas Ryon
1987 Elans Special
1988 Merganser
1989 Strawberry Silk
1990 Refrigerator
1991 Royal Quick Dash
1992 Dash Thru Traffic
1993 A Classic Dash
1994 Noblesse Six
1995 Winalota Cash
1996 Streakin Flyer
1997 Corona Cash
1998 Falling In Loveagain
1999 A Delightful Dasher
2000 Eyesa Special
2001 Ausual Suspect
2002 AB What A Runner
2003 By By JJ
2004 DM Shicago
2005 Teller Cartel
2006 No Secrets Here
2007 HeartsWideOpen
2008 Stolis Winner
2009 Running Brook Gal


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