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Andrew Hoy

Olympic medal record

Gold 1992 Barcelona Three-day event team
Gold 1996 Atlanta Three-day event team
Gold 2000 Sydney Three-day event team
Silver 2000 Sydney Three-day event individual
File:Andrew hoy master monarch coutts curve burghley 2007.jpg
Andrew Hoy and Master Monarch jump one of the mushrooms at Coutts Curve during the cross-country phase of Burghley Horse Trials 2007.

Andrew Hoy (born 8 February 1959 in Culcairn, New South Wales) is an Olympic-level equestrian rider, who competes for Australia. The Athens 2004 Summer Olympics were his sixth games.

He lived in the United Kingdom with his wife Bettina Hoy, who competes at the Olympic level for Germany, until February 2009, when the couple relocated to Germany following a dispute with The Princess Royal, who refused to renew the couples rental property on her Gatcombe Park estate. The Hoys are a rare married couple competing in the same Olympic discipline for different teams in the same year (see also Raphael Poiree and Liv Grete Skjelbreid Poirée).

Cruelty Charges of the International Equestrian Federation

In June 2008 Hoy was charged with animal cruelty offences relating to assistance offered by Hoy to one of his pupils, Dutch rider Madeleine Brugman. Stewards allege that Ms Brugman rode Sundancer 6 at Barroca d'Alva CCI*** in Portugal (8-12 March) in illegal spiked boots (news, 20 March). Ms Brugman and Mr Hoy were called to an FEI tribunal to investigate the alleged abuse of the horse.

FEI spokesman Malina Gueorguiev said: "Witnesses are saying they saw them both putting the boots on and taking them off the horse."

Hoy expressed surprise that he has been charged in an interview with an Australian newspaper. "Always the situation is that if a horse has any damage to it or any abuse to it, or there is anything in relation to a drug-related incident, the rider is always the one that is responsible," he said. In the same interview Hoy stated that he had made many enemies and that "I'm absolutely convinced someone is out to get me." When asked who these people might be he stated "I definitely can't say who I believe these people are." Herald Sun Newspaper

Andrew Hoy and Madeleine Brugman were cleared of the charges Horse and Hound.


  • 1984 Olympics: Individual-15th; Team-5th
  • 1986 Melbourne 3 day event: 1st place (Kiwi)
  • 1987 Melbourne 3 day event: 1st place (Kiwi)
  • 1988 Olympics: Individual-8th; Team-5th
  • 1991 Melbourne 3 day event: 1st place (Kiwi)
  • 1992 Olympics: Individual-5th; Team-1st
  • 1995 Open European Games: 12th place
  • 1996 Olympics: Individual-11th; Team-1st
  • 2000 Olympics: Individual-2nd; Team-1st
  • 2004 Olympics: 57th place



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