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Anglo-Kabarda mare
Country of origin: Russia
Horse (Equus ferus caballus)

The Anglo-Kabarda or Anglo-Kabardin (also known as the Anglo-Kabardinskaya porodnaya gruppa) is a breed of horse that is a cross between the Kabarda and the Thoroughbred. Representatives of the breed may have between 25 percent and 75 percent Thoroughbred blood. The cross was developed beginning in the 1920s and 1930s to produce a horse that was larger and faster than the native Kabarda, but adapted to the climate of the northern Caucasus region of Russia and able to maneuver in mountainous terrain.

In appearance the breed more closely resembles the Thoroughbred than the Kabarda, and has been used as saddle horses both locally in the Caucasus mountains and to compete in international Olympic events.



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