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Araappaloosa Horse

Araappaloosa Horse                      Araappaloosa Horse
The AraAppaloosa is not a new type of horse. Although it is a new horse registry in the United States. It is represented by the AraAppaloosa and Foundation Breeder's international.

The AAFBI supports breeders who incorporate Arab bloodlines into their foundation Appaloosa Breeding programs, breeding what they consider to be the original type of Appaloosa horse. The AAFBI believes that the backgrounds of the spotted horse (Appaloosa) and the Arab have much in common. The spotted horse is recorded as one of the oldest identifiable distinct breeds, and in reality the horse of the Arab breed. The Arab dates back to many centuries. The early types were often particolored, as shown in Middle Eastern and Egyptian art.

Meriwether Lewis, a well-known explorer and horseman, was one of the first white men to visit the Nez Perce Indian tribe of the northwestern United States, making one of the first white men to see their modern Appaloosa horses. He wrote in his journal on Saturday, February 15, 1806, "Their horses appear to be of an excellent race; they are lofty, elegantly formed, active and durable.

The founder of the Appaloosa Horse Club (ApHC) in 1938, Claude Thompson, remembered seeing the beautiful Nez Perce Indian Appaloosa in his youth. He felt that Arab blood was the only way to develop the true Appaloosa. He infused Arab blood into his Appaloosa breeding program. That was the only outcross originally permitted in the ApHC at the time so many of the foundation Appaloosas had this blood.

The AraAppaloosa is a fine Appaloosa of great quality; one with color, elegance, performance ability, soundness, and stamina. The AraAppaloosa combined the color, personality, and good temperament of the foundation-bred Appaloosa with the Arabs refined bloodlines and color patterns.


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