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Arkansas Derby top three finishers

This is a listing of the horses that finished in either first, second, or third place and the number of starters in the Arkansas Derby, an American Grade 2 race for three year-olds at 1-1/8 miles on dirt held at Oaklawn Park in Hot Springs, Arkansas.[1] (List 1973-present)

Year Winner Second Third Starters
2010 Line of David Super Saver Dublin 9
2009 Papa Clem Old Fashioned Summer Bird 10
2008 Gayego Z Fortune Tres Borrachos 13
2007 Curlin Storm in May Deadly Dealer 9
2006 Lawyer Ron Steppenwolfer Private Vow 13
2005 Afleet Alex Flower Alley Andromedia's Hero 10
2004 Smarty Jones Borrego Pro Prado 11
2003 Sir Cherokee Eugene's Third Son Christine's Outlaw 12
2002 Private Emblem Wild Horses Winward Passage 11
2001 Balto Star Jamaican Rum Son of Rocket 11
2000 Graeme Hall Snuck In Impeachment 14
1999 Certain Torrid Sand Ecton Park 7
1998 Victory Gallop Hanuman Highway Favorite Trick 9
1997 Crypto Star Phantom on Tour Pacificbounty 11
1996 Zarb's Magic Grindstone Halo Sunshine 12
1995 Dazzling Falls Flitch On Target 8
1994 Concern Blumin Affair Silver Goblin 9
1993 Rockamundo Kissin Kris Foxtrail 10
1992 Pine Bluff Lil E. Tee Desert Force 6
1991 Olympio Corporate Report Richman 11
1990 Silver Ending Real Cash Power Lunch 13
1989 Dansil Clevor Trevor Advocate Training 11
1988 Proper Reality Primal Sea Trek 8
1987 Demons Begone Lookinforthebigone You're No Bargain 6
1986 Rampage Wheatly Hall Family Style 14
1985 Tank's Prospect Encolure Irish Fighter 9
1984 Althea Pine Circle Gate Dancer 11
1983 Sunny's Halo Caveat Excile King 14
1982 Hostage El Baba Bold Style 10
1981 Bold Ego Top Avenger Woodchopper 9
1980 Temperence Hill Bold n' Rulling Sun Catcher 10
1979 Golden Act Smarten Strike the Main 10
1978 Esops Foibles Chief of Dixieland Special Honor 13
1977 Clev Er Tell Kodiak Best Person 12
1976 Elocutionist New Collection Klen Klitso 12
1975 Promised City Bold Chapeau My Friend Gus 14
1974 J.R.'s Pet Silver Florin Nick's Folly 17
1973 Impecunious Vodika Warbucks 10


  1. Stakes Histories, The Original Racing Almanac 2009, page 255 on June 26, 2008.


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