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Arlington-Washington Lassie Stakes

Grade III race
Arlington-Washington Lassie Stakes
Location Arlington Park
Arlington Heights, Illinois, United States
Inaugurated 1929
Race type Thoroughbred - Flat racing
Website www.arlingtonpark.com
Race information
Distance 1 mile (8 furlongs)
Track Dirt, left-handed
Qualification Two-Year-Old Fillies
Weight Assigned
Purse $150,000

The Arlington-Washington Breeders' Cup Lassie Stakes is an American Thoroughbred horse race held annually in mid September at Arlington Park Racetrack in Arlington Heights, Illinois. A Grade III event raced on dirt over a distance of one mile (eight furlongs), it is open to Two-Year-Old Fillies and currently offers a purse of $150,000.

Inaugurated in 1929 as the Arlington Lassie Stakes, in 1963 it was renamed the Arlington-Washington Lassie Stakes and in 2005 was given the Breeders' Cup designation.

Since inception, the race has been competed at various distances:

  • 1929-1931 : 5.5 furlongs
  • 1932-1961 & 1972-1979 : 6 furlongs
  • 1962-1969 : 6.5 furlongs
  • 1980-1984 & 1986-1987 : 7 furlongs

The race was not run in 1970, 1971, 1988, 1995, 1998 and 1999.


Time record: (at current one mile distance)

  • 1:35.93 - Original Spin (2005)

Largest winning margin:

  • 12 lengths - Eliza (1992)

Most wins by an owner:

Most wins by a jockey:

Most wins by a trainer:

  • 2 - A. Holberg (1939, 1941)
  • 2 - Howard Wells (1942, 1950)
  • 2 - J. Hodgins (1946, 1952)
  • 2 - Harry Trotsek (1951, 1953)
  • 2 - Joe Pierce, Jr. (1969, 1972)

Winners of the Arlington-Washington Lassie Stakes






2009 She Be Wild Junior Alvarado Wayne Catalano Nancy Mazzoni 1:38.67
2008 C.S. Silk Robby Albarado Dale Romans Pacella/Bonomo/Barbara 1:36.38
2007 Dreaming Of Liz E. T. Baird Wayne Catalano Frank Calabrese 1:37.08
2006 Lisa M Carlos Marquez, Jr. Dave Kassen Larry Bielfeldt 1:38.90
2005 Original Spin Jesse M. Campbell Anthony Mitchell Reineman Stable 1:35.93
2004 Culinary Carlos Marquez, Jr. Mike Stidham J. H. Smith Thoroughbreds 1:36.98
2003 Zosima Pat Day Eoin G. Harty Darley Racing 1:36.02
2002 Moonlight Sonata Shane Laviolette William Helmbrecht Woodbridge Farm 1:37.82
2001 Joanies Bella Marlon St. Julien Timothy E. Hamm D. Martin / J. Ayres 1:39.34
2000 Thunder Bertie Jeremy Beasley Bernard Flint R. B. & E. Klein 1:36.91
1997 Silver Maiden Shane Laviolette Britt McGehee Frank Calabrese 1:37.54
1996 Southern Playgirl Randy Romero Harvey L. Vanier Nancy Vanier 1:38.27
1994 shining Light Juvenal L. Diaz Mike Reavis Flaxbeard/Oliphant/Sharp 1:41.70
1993 Mariah's Storm Robert N. Lester Donnie Von Hemel Thunderhead Farm 1:38.95
1992 Eliza Pat Valenzuela Alex Hassinger, Jr. Allen E. Paulson 1:39.58
1991 Speed Dialer Pat Day Neil J. Howard E. S. Hudson & W. Farish 1:36.58
1990 Through Flight Joe Johnson L. D. Edwards L. & B. Millsap 1:39.00
1989 Trumpet's Blare Laffit Pincay, Jr. Warren A. Croll, Jr. Robert P. Levy 1:38.60
1987 Joe's Tammie Craig Perret Darrell Vienna David Milch 1:25.00
1986 Delicate Vine Gary L. Stevens Robert J. Frankel G. Alsdorf/Frankel/Moss 1:23.40
1985 Family Style Laffit Pincay, Jr. D. Wayne Lukas Eugene V. Klein 1:18.00
1984 Contredance Pat Day Woody Stephens Henryk de Kwiatkowski 1:27.00
1983 Miss Oceana Eddie Maple Woody Stephens Newstead Farm 1:23.40
1982 For Once'n My Life Eddie Maple T. Smith J. Masterson 1:23.40
1981 Millingo Ray Sibille George J. Getz Nickels & Dimes Stable 1:23.20
1980 Truly Bound Bill Shoemaker Bud Delp Windfields Farm 1:25.20
1979 Sissy's Time Earlie Fires J. Bert Sonnier M. Selz & B. Smeker 1:11.00
1978 It's In The Air Ed Delahoussaye Lou M. Goldfine Harbor View Farm 1:09.60
1977 Stub Ron Turcotte James E. Picou Marge Schott 1:10.40
1976 Special Warmth Sam Maple L. Flakes L. Wilson, et al. 1:10.40
1975 Dearly Precious Michael Hole Stephen A. DiMauro Richard E. Bailey 1:11.20
1974 Hot n Nasty Darrel McHargue Gordon R. Potter Dan Lasater 1:11.40
1973 Special Team Alvaro Pineda John W. Russell Fred W. Hooper 1:11.00
1972 Double Your Fun Larry Melancon Larry Robideaux, Jr. W. S. Woodside/F. Webster, Jr. 1:12.00
1972 Natural Sound Jorge Tejeira Joe Pierce, Jr. W. P. Burke/S. Pierce 1:11.60
1969 Clover Lane Bill Shoemaker Joe Pierce, Jr. S. Rose 1:18.40
1968 Process Shot Chuck Baltazar John B. Bond M/M Sonny Werblin 1:17.40
1967 Shenow Laffit Pincay, Jr. Dick Posey Everett Lowrance 1:18.40
1966 Mira Femme Ismael Valenzuela Irv Guiney Verne Winchell 1:16.80
1965 Silver Bright Jimmy Nichols Robert L. Wheeler C. V. Whitney 1:18.20
1964 Admiring Bill Hartack Hirsch Jacobs Ethel D. Jacobs 1:18.00
1963 Sari's Song Bill Shoemaker J. Byrd J. Houssels 1:18.20
1962 Smart Deb Manuel Ycaza Arnold N. Winick Marion Reineman 1:16.20
1961 Rudoma Bill Hartack Leroy Jolley Mrs. Moody Jolley 1:11.20
1960 Colfax Maid Steve Brooks W. J. Schmidt Schmidt & Trimble 1:11.80
1959 Monarchy Steve Brooks Moody Jolley Claiborne Farm 1:10.00
1958 Dark Vintage Johnny Heckmann E. Carpenter North Star Ranch 1:10.80
1957 Poly Hi Eric Guerin George M. Odom Mrs. G. Zauderer 1:10.60
1956 Leallah Bill Hartack MacKenzie Miller Charlton Clay 1:11.60
1955 Judy Rullah Dave Erb Strother Griffin Bwamazon Farm 1:13.80
1954 Delta Steve Brooks Moody Jolley Claiborne Farm 1:10.40
1953 Queen Hopeful John H. Adams Harry Trotsek Hasty House Farm 1:10.60
1952 Fulvous Steve Brooks J. Hodgins Mary V. Fisher 1:13.80
1951 Princess Lygia Kenneth Church Harry Trotsek Mrs. H. Trotsek 1:11.20
1950 Shawnee Squaw A. D. Rivera Howard Wells Sunningdale Farm 1:12.00
1949 Duchess Peg Steve Brooks Horace A. Jones Calumet Farm 1:15.60
1948 Pail Of Water Warren Mehrtens Max Hirsch Edward Lasker 1:12.40
1947 Bewitch Douglas Dodson Horace A. Jones Calumet Farm 1:10.80
1946 Four Winds Irving Anderson J. Hodgins Dixiana Stables 1:12.00
1945 Beaugay John H. Adams Tom Smith Maine Chance Farm 1:12.20
1944 Expression Ferrill Zufelt John M. Gaver, Sr. Greentree Stable 1:12.40
1943 Twilight Tear Nick Jemas Ben A. Jones Calumet Farm 1:13.20
1942 Fad A. Craig Howard Wells Walmac Farm 1:13.60
1941 Petrify Ruperto Donoso A. Holberg Alfred G. Vanderbilt II 1:12.60
1940 Blue Delight Albert Snider Roscoe Goose Mrs. John Marsch 1:12.80
1939 Now What Raymond Workman Bud Stotler Alfred G. Vanderbilt II 1:13.00
1938 Inscoelda Chance Rollins Ben A. Jones Woolford Farm 1:11.60
1937 Theen Irving Anderson Frank J. Kearns Calumet Farm 1:11.80
1936 Apogee Earl Steffen Duval A. Headley Hal Price Headley 1:13.20
1935 Forever Yours Don Meade Robert McGarvey Milky Way Farm 1:12.80
1934 Motto Raymond Workman Thomas J. Healey C. V. Whitney 1:13.40
1933 Mata Hari Robert Jones Clyde Van Dusen Dixiana Farm 1:12.00
1932 Hilena Raymond Workman Kay Spence Audley Farm 1:10.40
1931 Top Flight Alfred Robertson Thomas J. Healey C. V. Whitney 1:05.20
1930 Risque Earl Steffen Willie Knapp Fanny Hertz 1:05.80
1929 Capture E. Shropshire J. Lowe Rancocas Stable 1:06.00


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