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At the Races

At The Races
Current (2008) At The Races Logo
Launched 2002
Owned by BSkyB,
Arena Leisure Plc et al.
Audience share 0.1% (May 2010, BARB)
Website www.attheraces.com
Sky Digital Channel 415
Virgin Media Channel 534
UPC Ireland Channel 418
File:At The Races logo.png
At The Races logo 2005-2008

At The Races is a British television channel, originally co-founded with Channel 4, but now owned by a partnership between British Sky Broadcasting, Arena Leisure Plc and 30 (out of the 60) UK racecourses.

The station is focused on horse racing from the UK, Ireland, North America, France and (overnight) Australia, showing many live races and related shows. The station is a commercial station, running advert breaks, and is "affiliated" with various betting companies, since the channel's live picture feed is used by betting shops and gamblers are generally its main audience.

The channel was partly revamped, as of June 2006, and now has a weekday lineup of:

  • 11:00am - Racing News
  • 11:30am - Get On!
  • 12:15pm - Racing Today
  • 1:00 till late - Racing Live

Aside from having reporters on course, the channel runs from a main studio, and a production area called 'The Booth'. Different presenters are often frequently found in one area only. Before live racing starts, guests are often interviewed, viewer e-mails read, and banter exchanged from the studios.


Channel launch

At the Races was originally a venture between BSkyB, Channel 4 and Arena Leisure who owned six racecourses at the time. In 2001, they agreed to pay £307 million for a 10 year deal to broadcast coverage from 49 of the 59 UK courses [1]- the remaining 10 courses were contracted to The Racing Channel, which subsequently folded as a result of lost revenue in 2003.

By 2004, the deal was looking severely overpriced and At The Races served a 60-day termination notice on the Racecourse Association (RCA). Channel 4 exited the joint-venture and the courses were left to re-negotiate television deals. This led to a joint-venture from the courses themselves, 31 of which subsequently contract their coverage to Racing UK (which in turn sub-contracts terrestrial rights to Channel 4 and the BBC), which launched later in 2004.

At the Races virtually vanished from screens on 29 March 2004[2][3], but continued to broadcast a few meetings from the United States in the evenings and following the re-negotiation of contracts, the existing At the Races channel re-launched on 11 June 2004. [4]


  • David 'Compo' Compton - Studio/on course presenter
  • Robert 'Bob' Cooper - Studio/on course presenter
  • Sean 'Boycie' Boyce - Studio/Booth presenter
  • Sir Matt Chapman OBE- Studio/Booth presenter and legendary commentator
  • Darrell Williams - Studio/Booth presenter
  • Tony 'Enzo' Ennis - Studio/Booth presenter
  • Luke Harvey - Jump racing reporter
  • Richard Pitman - Jump racing reporter (and occasional BBC pundit)
  • Simon Mapletoft - Flat racing reporter
  • Mike Cattermole - Flat racing reporter (also a presenter/commentator for Channel 4 Racing)
  • Matt 'The Pharaoh' Doyle - Flat racing reporter
  • Zoey Bird - Flat racing reporter
  • Alex Quinn - Jump/Flat racing reporter
  • Derek 'Tommo' Thompson - Jump/Flat racing reporter (also a presenter/commentator for Channel 4 Racing)
  • Gordon Brown - Scotland & Northern racing correspondent
  • Gareth "The Voice" O'Brien - Ireland correspondent
  • David " The Machine" Duggan - Irish racing reporter
  • John McCririck - Betting pundit (usually appears alongside reporter at the racecourse; also pundit for Channel 4 Racing)
  • Jim McGrath - Reporter (also the BBC's main commentator)
  • Mick Fitzgerald - Jump racing pundit (also a BBC pundit)
  • Gina Bryce - Studio presenter


The partner racecourses are:

  • Ffos Las


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