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Australian Champion Filly or Mare

The Australian Champion Filly or Mare is awarded to the filly or mare Thoroughbred racehorse who is voted to be the superior to all others within an Australian racing season. This award began as Australian Champion Mare; however, it was expanded to include Fillies from the 1998 - 1999 season.

Australian Champion Filly or Mare
Year / Season Horse Sex Breeding
2004-2005 Makybe Diva (GB) 6yoM Desert King - Tugela
2003-2004 Private Steer (AUS) 4yoM Danehill Dancer - Lishenowen
2002-2003 Not awarded
2001-2002 Sunline (NZ) 6yoM Desert Sun - Songline
2000-2001 Sunline (NZ) 5yoM Desert Sun - Songline
1999-2000 Sunline (NZ) 4yoM Desert Sun - Songline
1998-1999 Grand Archway (AUS) 3yoF Archway - Mean Eyes
1997-1998 Dane Ripper (AUS) 4yoM Danehill - Red Express
1996-1997 Arctic Scent (AUS) 4yoM Blazing Sword - Polar Rose
1995-1996 Electronic (NZ) 5yoM First Norman - Agean Blue
1994-1995 Starstruck (AUS) 5yoM Haulpak - Colour me Red
1993-1994 Flitter (AUS) 4yoM Bluebird - Kiwi Magic

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