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Badener Sprint-Cup

The Badener Sprint-Cup is a Group 3 flat horse race in Germany which is open to thoroughbreds aged three years or older. It is run at Baden-Baden over a distance of 1,400 metres (about 7 furlongs), and it is scheduled to take place each year in October.

The event was established in 1985, and it was originally called the Grosser Sprint-Preis. In its early years it was contested at Munich over 1,300 metres. For a period it was classed at Listed level, and it was promoted to Group 3 status in 1998. It was transferred to Baden-Baden in 2004, and at the same time it was given its present title and extended to 1,400 metres.

Winners since 1998






1998 Tomba 4 Pat Eddery Brian Meehan 1:20.90
1999 Tomba 5 Michael Tebbutt Brian Meehan 1:21.80
2000 Tertullian 5 Filip Minarik Peter Schiergen 1:23.00
2001 Miss Gazon 3 Frédéric Sanchez John Hammond 1:19.60
2002 Soave 3 Gary Hind Andreas Trybuhl 1:24.18
2003 König Shuffle 7 Darren Moffatt Martin Rölke 1:23.39
2004 Areias 6 Terence Hellier Andreas Schütz 1:26.80
2005 Soave 6 Andreas Boschert Andreas Trybuhl 1:27.64
2006 Garnica 3 Ioritz Mendizabal Jean-Claude Rouget 1:24.50
2007 Ricine 5 François-Xavier Bertras François Rohaut 1:24.82
2008 Chantilly Tiffany 4 Terence Hellier Ed Dunlop 1:27.12
2009 Walero 3 Pascal Werning Uwe Ostmann 1:28.14


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