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Barbara Fritchie Handicap top three finishers

This is a listing of the horses that finished in either first, second, or third place and the number of starters in the Barbara Fritchie Handicap (1952-2009), a grade 2 American Thoroughbred Sprint race at seven furlongs run on dirt at Laurel Park Racecourse in Laurel, Maryland.[1]

In 1982, 1984 and 1985 the race was run in two separate divisions; # signifies two divisions.


First Place

Second Place

Third Place


2010 Sweet Goodbye Panoma Ball Cuvee Uncorked 14
2009 Royale Michele Seventh Street Fascinatin' Rhythm 9
2008 Golden Dawn Control System For Kisses 9
2007 Oprah Winney Silmaril Smart and Fancy 10
2006 no race no race no race 0
2005 Cativa Sensibly Chic Silmaril 10
2004 Bear Fan Gazillion Bronze Abe 9
2003 Xtra Heat Carson Hollow Spelling 7
2002 Xtra Heat Prized Stamp Kimbralata 8
2001 Prized Stamp Superduper Miss Tax Affair 6
2000 Tap to Music Her She Kisses Di's Time 13
1999 Passeggiata Catinca Nothing Special 8
1998 J J'sdream Palette Knife Stylish Encore 10
1997 Miss Golden Circle Lottsa Talc Whaleneck 12
1996 Lottsa Talc Up an Eighth Evil's Pic 14
1995 Smart 'N Noble Dust Bucket Gooni Goo Hoo 10
1994 Mixed Appeal Known as Nancy Winka 12
1993 Moon Mist Ritchie Trail Femma 9
1992 Wood So Wide Country Wait for the Lady 7
1991 Fappaburst Devil's Orchid Diva's Debut 10
1990 Amy Be Good Channel Three Banbury Fair 10
1989 Tappiano Very Subtle Tops in Taps 12
1988 Psyched Spring Beauty Kerygma 10
1987 Spring Beauty Notches Trace Pine Tree Lane 12
1986 Willowy Mood Aerturas Alabama Nana 10
1985 # Dumdedumdedum Kattegat's Pride Sharp Little Girl 8
1985 # Flip's Pleasure Applause Gene's Lady 8
1984 # Pleasure Cay Kattegat's Pride Amanti 9
1984 # Bara Lass Owned by All Willamae 8
1983 Stellarette Hoist Emy's Flag Cheap Seats 10
1982 # Lady Dean Sweet Revenge Sinister Queen 10
1982 # The Wheel Turns Island Charm Up the Flagpole 9
1981 Skipat Whispy's Lass Secret Emotion 8
1980 Misty Gallore Gladiolus Silver Ice 10
1979 Skipat Pearl Necklace The Very One 8
1978 Bold Brat Spot Two Satin Dancer 7
1977 Mt. Airy Queen Avun Forty Nine Sunsets 6
1976 Donetta Pinch Pie Heydairya 11
1975 Twixt Crackerfax Donetta 11
1974 Twixt Groton Miss In the Mattress 10
1973 First Bloom Pas de Nom Winged Affair 12
1972 no race no race no race 0
1971 Cold Comfort Take Warning Double Delta n/a
1970 Process Shot Serica Kushka n/a
1969 Too Bald Miss Spin Double Ripple n/a
1968 Too Bald Straight Deal Treacherous n/a
1967 Holly-O. Moccasin Lady Diplomat n/a
1966 Tosmah Queen Empress Privileged n/a
1965 Basking Redpoll County Maid n/a
1964 Pam's Ego Vitamin Shot Srta. Monica n/a
1963 All Brandy Coppahaunk Think Piece n/a
1962 Call Card Sun Glint Basking n/a
1961 Sun Glint Cherry Flip Miss Orestes n/a
1960 no race no race no race 0
1959 Tinkalero Mlle. Dianne Hoosier Honey n/a
1958 Motivate Gay Warbler Derry n/a
1957 Solar System Scansion Cool Stream n/a
1956 Sometime Thing Searching Myrtle's Jet n/a
1955 Guayana Another World Cerise Reine n/a
1954 Sotto Voce Mlle. Loretta Canadiana n/a
1953 Sunshine Nell La Corredora Sunny Dale n/a
1952 Singing Beauty My Nell Chalalette n/a

designates an American Champion or Eclipse Award winner.

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  1. 2007 Maryland Jockey Club Media Guide, page 45 on March 3, 2007.

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