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Barry Hills

Barry Hills (born April 2, 1937) is a British thoroughbred horse trainer. He lives in Lambourn, England.



Barry Hills had three sons in his first marriage: John, Michael, and Richard. John is a horse trainer, and both Michael and Richard are jockeys. After his divorce, he married Penny Hills, and had two more sons, Charles and George. Charles is an assistant at Faringdon Place and George,is involved with Breeding and Insurance in Lexington, Kentucky, USA.


In the mid-1950s, Barry was an apprentice jockey to Fred Rimell and to George Collin. In 1959 he was the head lad of John Oxley. In 1969, he acquired a horse training license and began training horses at South Bank Stables in Lambourn. In 1986, he moved to Robert Sangster's Manton Yard where he remained until 1990, when he moved back to South Bank. By the end of 2000, he had trained 2166 winning horses in Britain. He trained his 3,000th winner, when Chapter And Verse won at Pontract on April 7 2009.

In 2009 he was presented with two Lifetime Achievement Awards at the Animal Health Trust Equine Awards and at the Derby Awards, both in London.

Major wins

Flag of United Kingdom Great Britain

  • Champion Stakes - (3) - Cormorant Wood (1983), Storming Home (2002), Haafhd (2004)
  • Dewhurst Stakes - (3) - Scenic (1988, dead-heat), In Command (1996), Distant Music (1999)
  • Middle Park Stakes - (3) - Gallic League (1987), Royal Applause (1995), Dark Angel (2007)

Flag of Austria Austria

  • Austrian Derby - (1) - Zimzalabim (1993)

Flag of France France

Flag of Republic of Ireland Ireland

Flag of Italy Italy

Flag of Slovakia Slovakia

  • Slovakian Derby - (1) - Zimzalabim (1993)

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