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Bed O' Roses Handicap

Grade II race
Bed O' Roses Handicap
Location Aqueduct Racetrack
Ozone Park, New York, United States
Inaugurated 1957
Race type Thoroughbred - Flat racing
Race information
Distance 7 furlongs
Track Dirt, left-handed
Qualification Fillies & Mares, three-years-old & up
Weight Assigned
Purse $150,000 added

The Bed O' Roses Handicap is a American Thoroughbred horse race run at Aqueduct Racetrack on Long Island in New York in the spring of the year. The Grade II event is for fillies and Mares three-year-olds and older, and is set at a distance of seven furlongs. In its 53rd running in 2009, the Bed O' Roses offers a purse of $150,000 added.

The race was named for Alfred G. Vanderbilt II's Hall of Fame inductee, Bed O' Roses, the American Champion Two-Year-Old Filly in 1949 and the American Champion Older Female Horse of 1952.

This race was first run at Jamaica Racetrack and continued there until 1959. It was run in two divisions in 1964 and 1979 and its distance for its first three years was a mile and a sixteenth and then again in 1977 and 1978. It was contested at one mile from 1960 through 2005 with the exception of 1984 when it was set at a mile and seventy yards.


Speed record:

  • 1:22.66 - Rite Moment (2008) (at current distance of 7 furlongs)
  • 1:33.60 - Dixie Flag (1998) (at previous distance of 8 furlongs)

Most wins:

  • 2 - Straight Deal (1967, 1968)
  • 2 - Lady D'Accord (1992, 1993)
  • 2 - Raging Fever (2002, 2003)

Most wins by a jockey:

Most wins by a trainer:

Most wins by an owner:

  • 3 - Hobeau Farm (1964, 1973, 1995)








2010 Rightly So 4 Cornelio Velasquez Tony Dutrow Zayat Stable 1:22.44
2009 Seattle Smooth 4 Ramon Dominguez Anthony W. Dutrow Mercedes Stable 1:23.48
2008 Rite Moment 4 Rajiv Maragh Gary C. Contessa Winning Move Stable et al. 1:22.66
2007 Carmandia 5 Mike Luzzi Richard E. Dutrow Jr. Four Roses Thorbred. 1:22.98
2006 Magnolia Jackson 4 Norberto Arroyo, Jr. Gary C. Contessa Ted Taylor 1:23.87
2005 Pleasant Home 4 Cornelio Velasquez C. R. McGaughey III Phipps Stable 1:36.60
2004 Passing Shot 5 Jose A. Santos H. Allen Jerkens Joseph V. Shields Jr. 1:35.40
2003 Raging Fever 5 Aaron Gryder Mark A. Hennig Edward P. Evans 1:34.80
2002 Raging Fever 4 John Velazquez Mark A. Hennig Edward P. Evans 1:34.80
2001 Country Hideaway 5 John Velazquez C. R. McGaughey III Ogden Phipps 1:34.80
2000 Ruby Rubles 5 Chuck C. Lopez John Parisella Celtic Pride Stable 1:36.80
1999 Catinca 4 Richard Migliore John C. Kimmel Robert K. Waxman 1:34.80
1998 Dixie Flag 4 Mike Luzzi H. Allen Jerkens Bohemia Stable 1:33.60
1997 Flat Fleet Feet 4 Mike E. Smith John C. Kimmel C. Kimmel & P. Solondz 1:34.00
1996 Punkin Pie 6 Jose Trejo Juan Serey James A. Riccio 1:35.00
1995 Incinerate 5 Frank Leon H. Allen Jerkens Hobeau Farm 1:35.80
1994 Classy Mirage 4 Robbie Davis H. Allen Jerkens Middletown Stables 1:34.00
1993 Lady D'Accord 6 Jorge F. Chavez Nick Zito Akindale Farm 1:36.60
1992 Lady D'Accord 5 Jorge F. Chavez Nick Zito Akindale Farm 1:37.80
1991 Devil's Orchid 4 Russell Baze Richard Mandella George Yates 1:35.80
1990 Survive 6 Jose A. Santos Richard Mandella R. Dee Hubbard 1:35.20
1989 Banker's Lady 4 Angel Cordero, Jr. Philip M. Hauswald Edward A. Cox, Jr. 1:35.40
1988 Aptostar 3 Julie Krone H. Allen Jerkens Centennial Farm 1:35.40
1987 Ms. Eloise 4 Robbie Davis Philip G. Johnson Margaret Grimm 1:36.60
1986 Chaldea 5 Jean-Luc Samyn Thomas J. Skiffington L. R. Magnum 1:36.00
1985 Nany 5 Jacinto Vasquez Richard R. Root Harry T. Mangurian, Jr. 1:36.00
1984 Pleasure Cay 4 Robbie Davis Del W. Carroll II William S. Kilroy 1:42.00
1983 Broom Dance 4 Gregg McCarron James W. Maloney Christiana Stables 1:35.40
1982 Who's To Answer 4 Eric Beitia Michael Kay Shirley H. Taylor 1:36.60
1981 Chain Bracelet 4 Frank Lovato, Jr. James W. Maloney Shirley H. Taylor 1:35.40
1980 Misty Gallore 4 Don MacBeth Thomas J. Kelly Spring Hill Stable 1:36.40
1979 Lady Lonsdale 4 Cash Asmussen Vincent Nocella Pic Stable 1:36.80
1979 One Sum 5 Jeffrey Fell Luis Barrera Charles T. Wilson, Jr. 1:37.80
1978 Fearless Queen 5 Michael Venezia Louis Gaglial Luigi Napolitano 1:46.20
1977 Shawi 4 Michael Venezia Jose A. Martin Mrs. Randolph Weinsier 1:45.80
1976 Imminence 4 Eddie Maple John A. Nerud Tartan Stable 1:35.40
1975 Shy Dawn 4 Daryl Montoya Woodrow Sedlacek Jacques D. Wimpfheimer 1:36.20
1974 Klepto 4 Daryl Montoya Jerome Hirsch Leon J. Hekimian 1:35.40
1973 Poker Night 3 Robert Woodhouse H. Allen Jerkens Hobeau Farm 1:35.40
1972 Red Shoes 4 Anthony Loguercio William H. Dixon Adele L. Rand 1:36.40
1971 Office Queen 4 Chuck Baltazar Budd Lepman Stephen A. Calder 1:36.80
1970 Watch Fob 5 Heliodoro Gustines Ivor G. Balding C. V. Whitney 1:36.80
1969 Heartland 4 John L. Rotz Max Hirsch King Ranch 1:35.80
1968 Too Bald 4 Manuel Ycaza William W. Stephens Cain Hoy Stable 1:35.00
1967 Straight Deal 5 Robert Ussery Hirsch Jacobs Ethel D. Jacobs 1:37.60
1966 Straight Deal 4 Robert Ussery Hirsch Jacobs Ethel D. Jacobs 1:35.80
1965 Steeple Jill 4 John Ruane Bert Mulholland George D. Widener, Jr. 1:35.80
1964 Spicy Living 4 Manuel Ycaza Jimmy Rowe Eleanora R. Sears 1:38.60
1964 Beauful 5 Walter Mayorga H. Allen Jerkens Hobeau Farm 1:37.80
1963 Royal Patrice 4 Ismael Valenzuela Burley Parke Harbor View Farm 1:39.20
1962 Seven Thirty 4 Larry Adams Bert Mulholland George D. Widener, Jr. 1:36.20
1961 Prince's Gate 4 Eddie Arcaro Horace A. Jones Calumet Farm 1:36.60
1960 Chistosa 5 Hedley Woodhouse Max Hirsch King Ranch 1:36.40
1959 Big Effort 4 Eldon Nelson J. Elliott Burch Brookmeade Stable 1:44.20
1958 Outer Space 4 William Boland James W. Maloney Mrs. Gerard S. Smith 1:43.80
1957 Little Pache 4 Conn McCreary Frank E. Cundall Ellis Farm 1:47.00

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