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Belair Stable Museum (Bowie, Maryland)

The Belair Stable Museum is located at 2835 Belair Drive in Bowie, Maryland. It is operated by the City of Bowie, Maryland. The building once housed the Belair Stud Farm until 1957 when the Woodward family sold the Belair Estate to Levitt & Sons for the construction of Belair at Bowie.

This U-shaped sandstone stable was built in 1907 for James T. Woodward, then owner of the Belair Mansion. The elaborate stable building reflects Belair’s long and distinguished association with thoroughbred horse racing and breeding.[1]

The stable sits on 2 acres (8,100 m2) located about 1000  feet northeast of the Belair Mansion. Once part of the large estate, the stable building is now surrounded by residential development. The building itself is a U-shaped structure with a one-and-a-half story main block and single story flanking wings, forming an open exercise yard to the center.[1]

File:Belair Stables interior.jpg
Interior of the North Wing of the Stables looking West

Further reading

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