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File:Bellewstown Race Course (Geograph).jpg
Bellewstown Race Course, where the Yellow Sam Betting Coup took place.

Bellewstown (Irish: Baile an Bheileogaigh) is a village on the Hill of Crockafotha in County Meath in Ireland. The village is situated in a rural setting with views of the Mourne Mountains to the north and the Irish Sea to the east.

The tradition of summer horse racing at Bellewstown dates back centuries. The first record of racing here appears in the August edition of the Dublin Gazette and the Weekly Courier in 1726. There was originally a cricket ground in the middle of the race track. Racing continues to occur on an annual basis, taking place over 3 days during the course of the summer.

As well as being located in the Royal County of Meath, Bellewstown also boasts royal connections dating back to 1780. George Tandy, a former Mayor of Drogheda and brother of the famous James Napper Tandy, persuaded King George III to sponsor a race at Bellewstown. The race was called His Majesty's Plate and was valued at £100.00, an impressive sum in those times. It has a one mile and one furlong left-handed course, featuring both flat and hurdle racing.

Amenities in Bellewstown include the primary school, Catholic church, two pubs, general convenience shop, GAA grounds, Race Course and Golf Course.

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