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Bem cavalgar

File:Bem cavalgar.djvu Bem cavalgar, fully Livro da ensinança de bem cavalgar toda sela ("Book on the instruction of riding well on every saddle"), is a book written by Edward of Portugal, left incomplete as Edward died of a plague in 1438. It is one of the oldest preserved manual of medieval horsemanship and jousting. Together with Leal Conselheiro, the other book written by king Edward, the manuscript is kept at the French National Library, Paris.

The book consists of three parts: "on will" (4 chapters), "on force" (2 chapters) and "fourteen recommendations for expert riders", breaking off in the seventh section.


  • Piel Joseph M. (ed.), Livro Da Ensinança De Bem Cavalgar Toda Sela que fez Elrey Dom Eduarte de Portugal e do Algarve e Senhor de Ceuta, Lisbon, 1944
  • Livro da ensinança de bem cavalgar toda sela, escrito pelo Senhor Dom Duarte, Rei de Portugal e do Algarve e Segnhor de Ceuta, trascrito do manuscrito extante na Biblioteca Real de Paris, Typ. Rollandiana, Lisbon, 1943

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