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Bison City Stakes

Restricted race
Bison City Stakes
Location Woodbine Racetrack
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Inaugurated 1954
Race type Thoroughbred - Flat racing
Website www.woodbineentertainment.com
Race information
Distance 11/16 miles (8.5 furlongs)
Track dirt, left-handed
Qualification Three-year-old fillies
Weight Scale Weight
Purse $250,000

The Bison City Stakes is a Canadian Thoroughbred horse race run annually at Woodbine Racetrack in Toronto, Ontario. Held during first week of July, it is open to Canadian-foaled three-year-old fillies. Since the 1999 creation of the Canadian Triple Tiara, the race has been the second leg of the series. It is contested over a distance of 11/16 miles on Polytrack synthetic dirt, the race currently offers a purse of $250,000.

The Bison City Stakes was first run in 1954 at Fort Erie Racetrack in Fort Erie, Ontario. Since inception it has been contested at two different distances and at two different venues:

  • 6½ furlongs : 1954-1964 at Fort Erie Racetrack
  • 11/16 miles : 1965-1976 at Fort Erie Racetrack, 1977-1979 at Woodbine Racetrack, since 1980 at Fort Erie Racetrack

It was run in two divisions in 1956 and 1962. In 2003 there was a Dead heat for first.


Speed record: (Through 1998, Woodbine times were recorded in fifths of a second. Since 1999 they are in hundredths of a second)

  • 142.15 - Awesome Rush (2005)

Most wins by an owner:

  • 7 - Sam-Son Farm (1972, 1984, 1985, 1987, 1991, 2000, 2003)

Most wins by a jockey:

Most wins by a trainer:

  • 4 - John Passero (1954, 1955, 1957, 1960)







2009 Dance for Us Chantal Sutherland Barbara J. Minshall Minshall Farms 1:44.59
2008 Nicki Knew Jim McAleney Kevin Attard Knob Hill Stable 1:44.82
2007 Sealy Hill Patrick Husbands Mark E. Casse Melnyk Racing stable 1:44.01
2006 Kimchi Patrick Husbands Mark E. Casse Seasoft Stable 1:42.92
2005 Ready and Alluring Todd Kabel Randy Schulhofer William A. Sorokolit, Sr. 1:43.15
2004 Touchnow Patrick Husbands Reade Baker George Farr 1:45.57
2003 Seeking the Ring (DH) Slade Callaghan Mark Frostad Sam-Son Farm 1:44.23
2003 Brattothecore (DH) Jake Barton John A. Ross Jam Jar Racing 1:44.23
2002 Silver Nithi Mickey Walls David R. Bell Dick & Jo Ellen Shaw 1:44.00
2001 Quick Blue Emile Ramsammy Linda L. Rice J. P. Lacombe 1:43.60
2000 Catch The Ring Robert Landry Mark Frostad Sam-Son Farm 1:45.64
1999 Synchronized Tyrone Harding Reade Baker John A. Franks 1:44.67
1998 Regal Angela Martin Ramirez Robert P. Tiller Hillsbrook Farms 1:46.80
1997 Nithi Mickey Walls David R. Bell J. E. & R. F. Shaw 1:45.20
1996 Silent Fleet Steve Bahen Bernard Girault Peter Chiodo 1:44.20
1995 Woolloomooloo Todd Kabel David R. Bell R. F. & J. E. Shaw 1:43.20
1994 Mysteriously Todd Kabel Daniel J. Vella Frank Stronach 1:46.20
1993 Hey Hazel Don Seymour Roger Attfield M. Canino 1:43.80
1992 Hope For A Breeze Herb McCauley Paul Nielsen Hopefield Farm 1:43.80
1991 Wilderness Song Francine Villeneuve James E. Day Sam-Son Farm 1:42.40
1990 Lubicon Don Seymour Roger Attfield Kinghaven Farms 1:46.40
1989 Coral Bracelet Sandy Hawley Macdonald Benson Windfields Farm 1:43.80
1988 Volterra Sandy Hawley Patrick Collins Knob Hill Stable 1:45.00
1987 Ruling Angel Dave Penna James E. Day Sam-Son Farm 1:44.00
1986 Playlist Richard Dos Ramos Roger Attfield Kinghaven Farms 1:47.40
1985 In My Cap Jeffrey Fell James E. Day Sam-Son Farm 1:46.00
1984 Classy 'n Smart Irwin Driedger James E. Day Sam-Son Farm 1:43.20
1983 Northern Blossom Dan Beckon Gil Rowntree B. K. Y. Stables 1:45.80
1982 Avowal Brian Swatuk Arthur H. Warner Roy A. Kennedy 1:43.80
1981 Rainbow Connection Gary Stahlbaum Gerry Belanger Fleetwood/Cameron 1:44.00
1980 Cherry Berry Gary Stahlbaum Jacques Dumas E. Wilson 1:45.80
1979 Come Lucky Chance Gary Stahlbaum C. C. Hopmans Conn Smythe 1:46.60
1978 La Voyageuse J. Paul Souter Yonnie Starr Jean-Louis Levesque 1:44.00
1977 Fairly Regal Don MacBeth John Tammaro, Jr. Kinghaven Farm 1:42.60
1976 Bye Bye Paris Jeffrey Fell Donnie Walker Conn Smythe 1:43.20
1975 Deepstar Lloyd Duffy David Guitard Kinghaven Farm 1:43.20
1974 Snow Game Robin Platts David C. Cross, Jr. J. F. Hand 1:43.80
1973 Victorianette Richard Grubb A. Chris S. Asadoorian 1:46.60
1972 Takaring Avelino Gomez Arthur H. Warner Sam-Son Farm 1:44.00
1971 Lauries Dancer Robin Platts James C. Bentley Helen G. Stollery 1:42.80
1970 Fanfreluche Chris Rogers Yonnie Starr Jean-Louis Levesque 1:43.40
1969 Sno Where David Dennie L. Grant Green Hills Farm 1:43.20
1968 Hometown News Robin Platts Gil Rowntree Stafford Farms 1:44.60
1967 Lady Taj Avelino Gomez Lou Cavalaris, Jr. G. Gardiner/Golden West 1:47.60
1966 Shipmate Noel Turcotte William Thurner W. J. Farr 1:44.40
1965 Tie Pilot Avelino Gomez William Thurner W. J. Farr 1:46.20
1964 Ramblin Road Avelino Gomez Gordon Huntley Gordon F. Hall 1:16.80
1963 Cesca Jake Burton H. Hoffman Stafford Farms 1:19.20
1962 Vase Pat Remillard Robert S. Bateman Bill Beasley 1:18.80
1962 Sun Dan James Fitzsimmons William Thurner W. J. Farr 1:18.40
1961 Glencoe Kid Al Coy D. M. Davis Mrs. H. Hecht 1:18.40
1960 Hidden Treasure Al Coy John Passero W. R. Beasley 1:17.00
1959 Winning Shot Avelino Gomez Richard Townrow J. S. Evans 1:17.00
1958 Silver Ship Ernie Warme Gordon Huntley Gordon F. Hall 1:20.20
1957 Pink Velvet Edward Plesa John Passero W. R. Beasley 1:18.40
1956 Flying Trapeze R. Bureau E. Howard Lanson Farm 1:19.00
1956 Compactor T. Johnson Richard Townrow J. Tomlinson 1:19.60
1955 Black Coyote David Stevenson John Passero W. R. Beasley 1:20.00
1954 Silly Sara George Walker John Passero W. R. Beasley 1:18.80



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