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Black-Eyed Susan Stakes top three finishers

This is a listing of the horses that finished in either first, second, or third place and the number of starters in the Black-Eyed Susan Stakes, the second leg of the defacto American Triple Tiara of Thoroughbred Racing. The Black-Eyed Susan Stakes is run at 1-1/8 miles over dirt for three-year old fillies at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, Maryland.[1]


First Place

Second Place

Third Place


2010 Acting Happy No Such Word Tidal Pool 9
2009 Payton D' Oro Bon Jovi Girl Casanova Move 7
2008 Sweet Vendetta She's All Eltish Seattle Smooth 9
2007 Panty Raid Winning Point Baroness Thatcher 8
2006 Regal Engagement Smart N Pretty Baghdaria 7
2005 Spun Sugar R Lady Joy Pleasant Chimes 6
2004 Yearly Report Pawyne Princess Rare Gift 7
2003 Roar Emotion Fircroft Santa Catarina 8
2002 Chamrousse Shop Til You Drop Autumn Creek 6
2001 Two Item Limit Indy Glory Tap Dance 5
2000 Jostle March Magic Impending Bear 7
1999 Silverbulletday Dreams Gallore Vee Vee Star 7
1998 Added Gold Tappin Ginger Hansel's Girl 8
1997 Salt It Buckeye Search Holiday Ball 7
1996 Mesabi Maiden Cara Rafaela Ginny Lynn 8
1995 Serena's Song Conquistadoress Rare Opportunity 7
1994 Calipha Bunting Golden Braids 13
1993 Aztec Hill Traverse City Jacody 10
1992 Miss Legality Known Feminist Diamond Duo 8
1991 Wide Country John's Decision Nalees Pin 9
1990 Charon Valay Maid Bright Candles 9
1989 Imaginary Lady Some Romance Moonlight Martini 9
1988 Costly Shoes Thirty Eight Go Go Lost Kitty 6
1987 Grecian Flight Bal du Bois Actic Cloud 10
1986 Family Style Steel Maiden Fingil's Jule 8
1985 Kulucyoo's Jill Denver Express A Joyfull Spray 7
1984 Lucky Lucky Lucky Sintra Duo Disco 7
1983 Batna Lovin Touch Weekend Surprise 10
1982 Delicate Ice Trove Millingo 10
1981 Dame Mysterieuse Wayward Lass Real 7
1980 Weber City Miss Bishop's Ring Champagne Star 8
1979 Davona Dale Phoebe's Donkey Plankton 6
1978 Ceasar's Wish Javalin Miss Baja 8
1977 Small Raja Northern Sea Enthused 5
1976 What A Summer Dearly Precious Artfully 10
1975 My Juliet Gala Lil Funalon 6
1974 Blowing Rock Heydairya Shantung Silk 8
1973 Fish Wife Guided Missile Out Cold 6
1972 Summer Guest Twixt Barely Even 9
1971 At Arms Length Movetta Sew To Bed 8
1970 Office Queen Princess Roycroft Artists Proof 6
1969 Process Shot Loyal Ruler Around the Horn n/a
1968 Singing Rain Syrian Sea Copper Canyon n/a
1967 Farest Nan Back In Paris Devotedly n/a
1966 Holly-O Chalina Justakiss n/a
1965 Sue Baru Wendy's Crown Cavans Rose n/a
1964 Bold Queen Sceree Sabermar n/a
1963 Nalee Medici Bateur n/a
1962 Batter Up Narola Spooky Creature n/a
1961 Funloving My Portrait First Sitting n/a
1960 Airmans Guide Chalvedele Warlike n/a
1959 Toluene Cervina San Ju Lee n/a
1958 Daumay Motivate Stay Smoochie n/a
1957 Pillow Talk Jota Jota Woodlawn n/a
1956 Princess Turia Beyond Hadareward n/a
1955 High Voltage Bless Pat Hen Party n/a
1954 Queen Hopeful Gwenty G. Walla n/a
1953 Spinning Top Milspal Wings o' Morn n/a
1952 Real Delight Dinewisely Parading Lady n/a
1951 Discreet Break of Day Strike n/a
1950 No Race No Race No Race 0
1949 Wistful Imacomin Admired n/a
1948 Scattered Itsabet Lea Lark n/a
1947 But Why Not Cosmic Missle Oberod n/a
1946 Red Shoes Ear Shot Dorothy Brown n/a
1945 'Gallorette Recce Be Faithful n/a
1944 Twilight Tear Plucky Maud Everget n/a
1943 Askmenow Too Timely Pomrose n/a
1942 Vagrancy Chiquita Mia Bonnet Ann n/a
1941 Cis Marion Dark Discovery Level Best n/a
1940 Fairy Chant True Call Discerning n/a
1939 Alms Otra Morstep n/a
1938 Sketchbook Autumnquest Anaflame n/a
1937 Sweet Desire Lucky Pledge Morning n/a
1936 No Race No Race No Race 0
1935 No Race No Race No Race 0
1934 No Race No Race No Race 0
1933 No Race No Race No Race 0
1932 No Race No Race No Race 0
1931 Dark Magnet Scuttle Anne Arundel
1930 Flimsy Her Grace Snowflake
1929 Altitude Aquastella March Hare
1928 Princess Tina Nixie Bateau
1927 Pandera Fair Star Signota
1926 Rapture Ingrid Black Maria
1925 Maid at Arms Revoke Primrose
1924 Nellie Morse Relentless Yankee Princess
1923 Gadfly Untidy Transom
1922 Dinahmeur Maryland Belle May Blossum
1921 Careful Polly Ann Joan Marie
1920 Cleopatra Arethusa Rubidium
1919 Milkmaid Ophelia Duchess Lace


  1. 2007 Maryland Jockey Club Media Guide, page 54 on March 3, 2007.

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