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Blue Hen Stakes

Non-graded Stakes race
Blue Hen Stakes
Location Delaware Park Racetrack
Stanton, Delaware,
United States
Race type Thoroughbred - Flat racing
Website www.delawarepark.com
Race information
Distance 11/16 miles (8.5 furlongs)
Track Dirt, left-handed
Qualification Two-year-old fillies
Weight Assigned
Purse $75,000

The Blue Hen Stakes at Delaware Park Racetrack is an American Thoroughbred horse race for two-year-old fillies held annually in early October at Delaware Park Racetrack in Stanton, Delaware. An non-graded stakes event raced on dirt, since 2004 it has been contested at a distance of one and one-sixteenth miles (8.5 furlongs).

The Blue Hen is named for the horse breeding term "Blue Hen," meaning a mare who has proved herself exceptional in producing high quality foals, almost regardless of which stallion might be the sire. These sons and daughters would also have an impact on the breed. An example of the highest sort of Blue Hen mare would be La Troienne.

In 1965 and 1971, the race was run in two divisions.

Winners since 2000







2009 Ms Vanenzza Joseph Rocco, Jr. Juan C. Vazquez Florence Patitucci 8.5 F 1:45.74
2008 Bon Jovi Girl Jose Caraballo Timothy F. Ritchey Timothy F. Ritchey & Chuck Zacney 8.5 F 1:46.10
2007 Saki To Me Abel Castellano, Jr. Edmond D. Gaudet Morris Bailey 8.5 F 1:48.83
2006 Miss Goodnight Stewart Elliott Timothy F. Ritchey CJZ Racing Stable 8.5 F 1:46.63
2005 Love Locket Christopher DeCarlo Todd A. Pletcher Michael Tabor 8.5 F 1:47.37
2004 Buzz Song Christopher DeCarlo Todd A. Pletcher Bonnie & Sy Baskin 8.5 F 1:45.99
2003 Vogue Girl Robby Albarado Allen Iwinski Stan Stefanski 8 F 1:38.81
2002 Heirloom Diamond Jeremy Rose Timothy F. Ritchey S J B Jr. Stable 8 F 1:41.79
2001 Treasure Coast Gem Jeremy Rose Francis Campitelli James H. McCaul 8 F 1:39.93
2000 Xtra Heat Mark T. Johnston John E. Salzman, Sr. K. Taylor/H. Deitchman/J. Salzman 6 F 1:11.80

Earlier winners

(partial list)

  • 1999 - Fiesty Countess
  • 1998 - Godmother
  • 1997 - Expensive Issue
  • 1996 - The Lady's Unreal
  • 1977 - Mesa Warrant
  • 1976 - Nearna
  • 1972 - Tuerta
  • 1971 - Misty Bryn
  • 1971 - Hasty Jude
  • 1970 - Unity Hall
  • 1969 - Gay Meeting
  • 1968 - Parisian Parfait
  • 1966 - Regal Gleam
  • 1965 - Ogirema
  • 1965 - Turn To Talent
  • 1964 - Come Hither Look
  • 1963 - Katie Kitten
  • 1962 - Nalee
  • 1960 - Baby Kiki
  • 1959 - Blonde Demond
  • 1958 - Nora Dares



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