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Blue Square Gold Cup

The Blue Square Gold Cup is a Grade 3 National Hunt chase in Great Britain which is open to horses aged five years or older. It is run at Haydock Park over a distance of about 3 miles and 4 furlongs (5,633 metres), and during its running there are twenty-two fences to be jumped. It is a handicap race, and it is scheduled to take place each year in February.

The event was established in 1968, and during the early part of its history it was contested over 3 miles. It was extended to its present length in 1991. Former sponsors have included Greenalls (later known as De Vere Group) and Red Square Vodka. Its current sponsor, Blue Square, began supporting the event in 2009.

The Blue Square Gold Cup serves as an important trial for the Grand National.

Winners since 1980

  • Weights given in stones and pounds.







1980 Cavity Hunter 7 11-01 Ridley Lamb Tony Dickinson
1981 Sunset Cristo 7 11-07 Chris Grant Ray Hawkey
1982 Scot Lane 9 10-00 Craig Smith Martin Tate
1983 Righthand Man 6 10-09 Robert Earnshaw Michael Dickinson
1984 Midnight Love 9 10-03 Chris Grant Denys Smith
1985 Earls Brig 10 10-06 Phil Tuck William Hamilton
1986 no race 1986–87 [1]
1988 Yahoo 7 10-10 Tom Morgan John Edwards
1989 Eton Rouge 10 10-01 J. Bryan Mercy Rimell
1990 Rinus 9 10-04 Richard Dunwoody Gordon W. Richards
1991 Twin Oaks 11 11-00 Neale Doughty Gordon W. Richards
1992 Cool Ground 10 11-03 Adrian Maguire Toby Balding
1993 Party Politics 9 11-07 Carl Llewellyn Nick Gaselee
1994 Master Oats [2] 8 10-02 Norman Williamson Kim Bailey
1995 Nuaffe 10 11-00 Sean O'Donovan Pat Fahy
1996 Lo Stregone 10 10-00 Charlie Swan Tom Tate
1997 Suny Bay 8 10-08 Jamie Osborne Charlie Brooks
1998 Dom Samourai 7 10-00 Chris Maude Martin Pipe
1999 Young Kenny 8 10-00 Brendan Powell Peter Beaumont
2000 The Last Fling 10 11-01 Seamus Durack Sue Smith
2001 Frantic Tan 9 10-04 Carl Llewellyn Nigel Twiston-Davies
2002 no race 2002
2003 Shotgun Willy 9 11-12 Ruby Walsh Paul Nicholls
2004 Jurancon II 7 10-06 Joey Elliot Martin Pipe
2005 Forest Gunner 11 10-10 Peter Buchanan Richard Ford
2006 Ossmoses 9 10-00 Richard McGrath Don Forster
2007 Heltornic 7 10-00 Tom Scudamore Michael Scudamore
2008 Miko de Beauchene 8 11-12 Andrew Thornton Robert & Sally Alner
2009 Rambling Minster 11 11-00 James Reveley Keith Reveley
2010 Silver by Nature 8 10-11 Peter Buchanan Lucinda Russell

1 The race was abandoned in 1986 due to frost, and in 1987 because of snow.
2 The 1994 running took place at Kempton Park.


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