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Breeders Crown

The Breeders Crown is an annual series of Harness races covering each of the sport's twelve traditional categories of age, gait and gender. The series was initiated by the Hambletonian Society, promoters of the Hambletonian Stakes, in 1984 to enhance the Standardbred breeding industry and to promote the sport of Harness racing by providing a lucrative high profile championship race in each of these categories. The annual races for 3 year old trotting colts and geldings and 3 year old pacing colts and geldings, are each part of the Grand Slam Prize in harness racing. The races have rotated among a number of North American tracks. However, in recent years, the races have alternated principally between the Meadowlands Racetrack, near New York City, and Mohawk Raceway in Ontario, Canada. The 2009 races for 3 year olds and up will be held August 21 at Meadowlands and the races for 2 and 3 years olds at Woodbine on October 24.


List of Races

  • 3 Year Old & Up Fillies & Mares - Pace
  • 3 Year Old & Up Fillies & Mares - Trot
  • 3 Year Old & Up Pace
  • 3 Year Old & Up Open Trot
  • 2 Year Old Fillies - Pace
  • 2 Year Old Fillies - Trot
  • 2 Year Old Colts & Geldings - Pace
  • 2 Year Old Colts & Geldings - Trot
  • 3 Year Old Fillies - Pace
  • 3 Year Old Fillies - Trot
  • 3 Year Old Colts & Geldings - Pace
  • 3 Year Old Colts & Geldings - Trot

2010 Edition of the Breeders Crown

The 2010 Edition of the Breeders Crown will take place on October 9 at Pocono Downs and all 12 races will be run on the same night. The event will return to Woodbine under this format in 2011. It should be noted that the 2010 edition was originally scheduled to take place the same day as the 2nd day of the Breeders' Cup at Churchill Downs, but was changed after some controversy arose within the industry about this conflict.

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