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British Equestrian Trade Association

The British Equestrian Trade Association is a membership organisation in the United Kingdom which represents manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers of goods for, and other businesses connected with, the equestrian market. It is one of the 16 organisations which form part of the British Equestrian Federation.[1]


History and scope

The association was formed in 1979 and currently has over 800 member companies.[2]


BETA is a company limited by guarantee, with member companies in 6 categories. From the member companies, the organisation is run by a council of 22, with representation from each category.

The categories of membership are:[3]

  • Retail - Shop premises or distance selling
  • Trade - manufacturers and distributors
  • Equine - dealers, equestrian establishments
  • Agent - 3rd party representatives
  • Associate - Not directly equestrian related, but with close links to industry
  • Overseas - Retail and Trade

Research activity

BETA conducts regular research on behalf of its members, including on areas such as number of riders in the United Kingdom[4][5] and attitudes of riders towards spend in the sector.[6]

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