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British Jumping Derby

The British Jumping Derby meeting or informally the Hickstead Derby, is an annual showjumping event held since 1962 at the All England Jumping Course at Hickstead in June every year, and is considered one of the premier events in the equestrian calendar.[1][2][3][4] The event is currently sponsored by furniture retailer DFS with title rights making the event the DFS British Jumping Derby.[5][6]

A highlight of the meeting is the British Jumping Derby, a 1,195-metre course with tricky jumps including he aptly-named Devil's Dyke - three fences in short succession with a water-filled ditch in the middle and the difficult Derby Bank, a jump with 3 ft 5in rails on top and a 10 ft 6in slope down the front.[1][7]

The DFS British Jumping Derby is one of those events a bit like the Grand National where its not just the runners and riders that make the headlines but the course itself. Its an iconic showjumping contest, the like of which you won't find anywhere else in the world, no other course asks this much of a test of horse and rider and no other course creates this type of drama.

Clare Balding, BBC Sport[8][9]


Derby fences

The main arena is used for a number of classes throughout the meeting (and at the Royal International Horse Show amongst others), but the main Derby class always follows the same class, consisting of the following fences:[7]

Fence name Height Width Notes
The Cornishman 4 ft Template:Convert/and/fra2 in (1.4 m) Solid stone wall with a pole
white oxer 4 ft Template:Convert/and/fra2 in (1.3 m) 6 ft Template:Convert/and/fra2 in (2.0 m)
double water ditches 5 ft (1.5 m) & 5 ft Template:Convert/and/fra2 in (1.6 m)
black gate 5 ft Template:Convert/and/fra2 in (1.6 m) maximum height fence for the course, upright and falls easily
wall 5 ft Template:Convert/and/fra2 in (1.6 m)
privet hedge oxer 4 ft Template:Convert/and/fra2 in (1.5 m) 6 ft Template:Convert/and/fra2 in (2.0 m)
road jump 5 ft (1.5 m) and 5 ft Template:Convert/and/fra2 in (1.6 m) table fence with no exit except over jumps
Derby Bank 10 ft Template:Convert/and/fra2 in (3.2 m) drop with 3 ft Template:Convert/and/fra2 in (1.0 m) high fence before iconic obstacle of the course. fence 16st from main drop which horses must slide down
white rails 5 ft Template:Convert/and/fra2 in (1.6 m) two strides from bottom of bank
Devil's Dyke 4 ft Template:Convert/and/fra2 in (1.4 m), 4 ft Template:Convert/and/fra2 in (1.4 m), 4 ft Template:Convert/and/fra2 in (1.4 m) closed obstacle, but sloping ground increases apparent fence height to near 6 ft (1.8 m)
open water 15 ft (4.6 m)
Derby rails 5 ft Template:Convert/and/fra2 in (1.6 m)
open ditch 5 ft Template:Convert/and/fra2 in (1.5 m) 6 ft (1.8 m)
balustrades 5 ft Template:Convert/and/fra2 in (1.6 m)
double of gates 4 ft Template:Convert/and/fra2 in (1.5 m), 4 ft Template:Convert/and/fra2 in (1.5 m) 5 ft Template:Convert/and/fra2 in (1.7 m)
rustic spread 4 ft Template:Convert/and/fra2 in (1.5 m) 6 ft Template:Convert/and/fra2 in (2.0 m)


The results of the main British Jumping Derby class at the show are as follows:

Year Rider Country Horse Ref
1961 Seamus Hayes 22x20px IRL Goodbye III [10]
1962 Pat Smythe 22x20px GBR Flanagan [10]
1963 Nelson Pessoa 22x20px BRA Gran Geste [10]
1964 Seamus Hayes 22x20px IRL Goodbye III [10]
1965 Nelson Pessoa 22x20px BRA Gran Geste [10]
1966 David Broome 22x20px GBR Mister Softee [10]
1967 Marion Coakes 22x20px GBR Stroller [10]
1968 Alison Westwood 22x20px GBR The Maverick III [10]
1969 Anneli Drummond-Hay 22x20px GBR Xanthos II [10]
1970 Harvey Smith 22x20px GBR Mattie Brown [10]
1971 Harvey Smith 22x20px GBR Mattie Brown [10]
1972 Hendrik Snoek 22x20px GER Shirokko [10]
1973 Alison Dawes (Westwood) 22x20px GBR Mr. Banbury [10]
1974 Harvey Smith 22x20px GBR Salvador [10]
1975 Paul Darragh 22x20px IRL Pele [10]
1976 Eddie Macken 22x20px IRL Boomerang [10]
1977 Eddie Macken 22x20px IRL Boomerang [10]
1978 Eddie Macken 22x20px IRL Boomerang [10]
1979 Eddie Macken 22x20px IRL Boomerang [10]
1980 Michael Whitaker 22x20px GBR Owen Gregory [10]
1981 Harvey Smith 22x20px GBR Sanyo Video [10]
1982 Paul Schockemöhle 22x20px GER Deister [10]
1983 John Whitaker 22x20px GBR Ryan's Son [10]
1984 John Ledingham 22x20px IRL Gabhran [10]
1985 Paul Schockemöhle 22x20px GER Lorenzo [10]
1986 Paul Schockemöhle 22x20px GER Deister [10]
1987 Nick Skelton 22x20px GBR J Nick [10]
1988 Nick Skelton 22x20px GBR Apollo [10]
1989 Nick Skelton 22x20px GBR Apollo [10]
1990 Jozsef Turi 22x20px GBR Vital [10]
1991 Michael Whitaker 22x20px GBR Monsanta [10]
1992 Michael Whitaker 22x20px GBR Monsanta [10]
1993 Michael Whitaker 22x20px GBR Monsanta [10]
1994 John Ledingham 22x20px IRL Kilbaha [10]
1995 John Ledingham 22x20px IRL Kilbaha [10]
1996 Nelson Pessoa 22x20px BRA Loro Piana Vivaldi [10]
1997 John Popely 22x20px GBR Bluebird [10]
1998 John Whitaker 22x20px GBR Gammon [10]
1999 Rob Hoekstra 22x20px GBR Lionel II [10]
2000 John Whitaker 22x20px GBR Welham [10]
2001 Peter Charles 22x20px IRL Corrada [10]
2002 Peter Charles 22x20px IRL Corrada [10]
2003 Peter Charles 22x20px IRL Corrada [10]
2004 John Whitaker 22x20px GBR Buddy Bunn [10]
2005 Ben Maher 22x20px GBR Alfredo II [10]
2006 William Funnell 22x20px GBR Cortaflex Mondriaan [10]
2007 Geoff Billington 22x20px GBR Cassabachus [10]
2008 William Funnell 22x20px GBR Cortaflex Mondriaan [10]
2009 William Funnell 22x20px GBR Cortaflex Mondriaan [10]
2010 Guy Williams 22x20px GBR Skip Two Ramiro [11]

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