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Buckskin Horse Association



Buckskin Horse Assoc









Buckskin Horse Association

"Buckskins Are Better!" might best describe this breed, long known for endurance, stamina, versatility, disposition and beautiful color.

The American Buckskin Registry Association (ABRA), Inc. has been an exceptional example of enthusiasm and cooperation for the common goal: the promotion of the Buckskin horse.

The ABRA is governed by a Board of Directors, nominated and elected by the membership. Although the registry is called American Buckskin, it is a world-wide registry with horses registered in many foreign countries.

The modern buckskin, (dun), technically a color breed, is actually a descendant from ancient time, his color being an indication of a strong heritage.  In the West, horses of the Buckskin, Dun, Red Dun and Grulla hues trace to the Mustang - Spanish Barb descendants which originated in Spain as the Sorraia.

Other Buckskins brought to this country can be traced to the Norwegian Dun, descendants of the nearly extinct Tarpan horses.  The flourishing number of Buckskin horses found today are the strongest living descendants of the ancestral breeds.  Along with a mixture of other bloods, Buckskins can be found in all breed types.

The ABRA is the oldest active Buckskin registry in existence.  It was organized in 1963, then reorganized and incorporated in 1965.  It is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to collect, record and preserve the pedigrees of Buckskin, Dun, Red Dun and Grulla horses and ponies

ABRA is an AQHA Alliance Partner, and the ABRA World Championship Show is approved for AQHA Special Achievement Recognition.








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