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Buckskin Mile High Horse Association

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Bucksin Horse Association Mile High


SECTION 1. Title: This association shall be known as the Mile Hi Buckskin Horse Association and shall at all times be operated and conducted as a nonprofit

association in providing for such organizations and by which it shall acquire all such rights as granted to associations of this kind.

SECTION 2. Objective: The purpose of this organization shall be to stimulate any and all other matters such as may pertain to the history, breeding,

exhibition, publicity or improvements of this color breed.

SECTION 3. Place of Business: The principal place of business shall be Denver, Colorado but its members may be residents of Colorado and business may be

carried on at any place within the state of Colorado convenient to such members and officials, as may be participating.



SECTION 1. Annual Membership: An annual fee of $35.00 for family and $20.00 for single membership shall be due and payable on January 1 of each year and

shall be considered delinquent if not paid within thirty (30) days thereafter. Notice of fees payable shall be sent to members at their last known address

not less than thirty (30) days prior to the end of the calendar year. In all such matters governed by the vote of the members, each member in good standing

shall be entitled to one (1) vote. A family membership shall be entitled to have two (2) independent votes.

SECTION 2. Definition: A family membership shall be defined as head of household to include spouse and all unmarried legal children 18 and under residing

with or under the legal guardianship of head of household.

A single membership shall be defined as any individual person desiring to be a member. A membership classified as a partnership/farm name or corporation may

join by paying a $35.00 annual fee. A partnership/farm name or corporation shall be allowed one (1) vote.

SECTION 3. Members of the Association shall be admitted, retained and expelled in accordance with such rules and regulations as the Board of Directors may,

from time to time, adopt.

SECTION 4. Membership in the Association is a privilege, not a right, application for which shall be made on forms and by fees and procedures prescribed from

time to time by the Association. Membership, or application therefore, may be terminated or rejected by the Board of Directors for cause detrimental to the

interest of the Association, its programs, policies, objectives and harmonious relationship of its members as determined by the Board of Directors.

SECTION 5. General Privileges and responsibilities of members and nonmembers are as follows:

         1. While in good standing, all members shall have equal rights, interests, and responsibilities
        with respect to the Association and its property; shall obey and be bound by all by-laws, rules
        and regulations of the Association and decisions or actions of the Board of Directors; shall have
        the right to vote by personal attendance or proxy at membership meetings; and shall have the
        right to hold office (if residing in the state of Colorado) and committee assignments, except as
        otherwise limited.

           2. In regards to individuals who are non-members, but own IBHA registered horses, file
        registration applications and other documents with IBHA, or participate in Association approved
        events, by such actions and in regard to such transactions, do thereby agree to be bound by all
        by-laws, rules and regulations of MHBHA and decisions and actions of the Board of Directors.

SECTION 6. In order to be eligible for year-end awards, a member must follow the policies outlined in the Year End Award Point Rules section.

Board of Directors

SECTION 1. Composition: The Board of Directors, also known as officers of the club, shall be comprised of seven members as follows: President, Vice

President, Secretary, Treasurer and one elected board member. The remaining two officers may be either Ex-officio members, (past President and past Vice-

President), or elected board members.

SECTION 2. Eligibility: A Board member must be a resident of the state of Colorado and must be a member of both IBHA and MHBHA.

SECTION 3. Vacancies: In case of vacancy by resignation, death, disqualification or any other causes, a successor shall be nominated by the President and

approved by the Board of Directors, subject to acceptance or rejection by a majority of the membership present at the next general business meeting. If

successor is not accepted by the general membership, nominations and a vote will be taken at that time.

SECTION 4. Meetings:

The Board of Directors will meet monthly during the general business meeting. With the exception of special board meetings, the membership shall be notified

of general business meetings at least 14 days prior to the meeting.

Officers are required to attend 10 out of 12 general meetings and board meetings except for excusable circumstances. The President or Secretary is to be

notified of absences prior to scheduled meeting.

Any director not abiding by these by-laws will be replaced and notified in writing and his/her successor shall be nominated by the President and approved by

a quorum of the Board of Directors, subject to acceptance or rejection by a majority of the membership present at the next general business meeting. If

successor is not accepted by the general membership nominations and a vote will be taken at that time.

Special meetings of the Board of Directors may be called whenever deemed necessary by the direction of the President of by a quorum of the Board of Directors

in office upon notification of all directors by phone or otherwise. Twenty-four hour notification is required

SECTION 5. The Board of Directors may from time to time create and empower committees, general and special.

SECTION 6. All expenditures of the Association over $25.00 must be Board approved.

SECTION 7. The Board will receive at least 3 written bids for approval for trophies, ribbons, printing and all other large expenditures for miscellaneous

items for club use. Approval of the Board will be based on quality, price, service, delivery, etc.

Officers and Duties

SECTION 1. President:

The President shall be the chief executive of the Association and shall preside at any and all general membership business meetings and all committee

meetings but does not have to attend all committee meetings. He/she shall see that the by-laws, rules and regulations of the Association are enforced, and to

perform all other such duties that may be prescribed, from time to time, by the members. He/she must see that all general and special meetings are conducted

in a manner conforming to Roberts Rules of Order. He/she shall also serve as the ex-officio member of all committees.

SECTION 2. Vice-President:

The Vice-President, in the absence of the President shall have the powers and shall perform the duties of the President and such other duties as may be

prescribed by the members.

SECTION 3. Secretary:

The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all membership meetings, directors meetings, and any special meetings. He/she shall make a report to all membership

meetings and shall perform other duties as may be prescribed by the members. Correspondence received will be directed to the President and the Board of


SECTION 4. Treasurer:

The Treasurer shall receive the moneys turned in to him/her by the secretary or committee chairperson. He/she shall account for the same by itemized

statements in detail, to each meeting of the members, and to the Board of Directors upon demand, Also, he/she shall cause to be submitted to the members a

proposed budget and anticipated expenditures for the forthcoming year.

SECTION 5. Auditing of Accounts:

This Association shall conduct its affairs on the calendar year basis. The calendar year is to begin on the first day of January and shall end on the last

day of December of the same year. An audit of the financial books will be made yearly, or upon demand of the Board of Directors.

SECTION 6. Duties:

Specific duties and guidelines for officers and committee chairmen may be found in the Secretary's notebook. A copy of these guidelines is to be furnished to

all new officers at the beginning of their term of office.

SECTION 7. Elections:

Election of officers shall be held at the October business meeting of the general membership of the Association by written ballot. Nominations shall be

requested the month prior to elections via the monthly newsletter to ensure the general membership is allowed a chance to run for office. The newly elected

officers shall be announced at the awards banquet and should be ready to take over at the November business meeting.


SECTION 1 The regular business meeting of the Association shall be held once a month at a time and place as may be fixed by a vote of the members. Notice of

the meeting shall be given by mailing a notice stating the time and place of such meeting to the last known address of members in good standing at least 14

days prior to said meeting.

SECTION 2. Special meetings of the members may be held at such time and place as may be designated in the notice, whenever called in writing by the direction

of the President or by a quorum of the Board of Directors, or by notice signed by no less than 50% of the members then in good standing. Notice of each

special meeting indicating the object or objects thereof, shall be given in the same manner as is provided for with respect to the regular meeting.

SECTION 3. At any meeting of the members held in accordance with the foregoing provisions as to notice, the members attending each meeting, present in person

or by proxy, shall constitute a quorum of members for all purposes, unless the representation of this larger number shall be required by law. In that case,

the representation so required shall constitute a quorum.

SECTION 4. Any officer of the Association may call the meeting to order, any may act as chairperson of such meeting precedence being given as follows,

President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer. In the absence of all such officers, the members present may elect a chairperson. The Secretary of the

Association shall act as Secretary at all meetings, but in his/her absence, the Chairperson may appoint a person to act as Secretary of such meeting.

General Committees and Procedures

SECTION 1. Recommendations for a committee chairperson will be accepted from the members at the November business meetings and these recommendations will be

considered by the Board of Directors for approval.

SECTION 2. A committee will consist of one chairperson and at least one other member.

SECTION 3. Committee Chairperson shall present a list of their committee members for board approval.

SECTION 4. Committee Chairperson shall present a verbal report to the membership at the regular meeting or appoint a representative to report same in his/her


SECTION 5. Chairperson will be required to attend regular Board meetings and submit a written record of

   1. Committee Activities
   2. Financial report when necessary.
   3. Expected Expenditures when deemed necessary.

SECTION 6. Chairperson shall provide a monthly report for the club newsletter.

SECTION 7. Chairperson shall appoint one person on the committee to record all minutes of committee meetings.

SECTION 8. Chairperson of each committee shall work in conjunction with the Treasurer in preparation of his/her proposed budget for anticipated expenses for

the forthcoming year.

SECTION 9. Chairperson shall submit proposed activity dates for the entire year to the Board by Dec 10th of the previous year for publication in the annual


Specific Committees

SECTION 1. Horse Show:

Responsible for coordinating all MHBHA shows or work with any outside organization that would like to sponsor a MHBHA show.

SECTION 2. Awards Banquet:

Responsible for the planning and execution of year end awards banquet.

SECTION 3. Parades and Trail

Arrange for MHBHA's participation in various parades. Arrange for trail rides to be held for the club.

SECTION 4. Nominating:

Responsible for including nomination form in newsletter, calling all nominated persons before September meeting to verify they accept their nominations.

Prepare the ballot to be distributed at the September meeting.

SECTION 5. By-laws:

Accept all written proposed by-laws, amendments, changes, and/or additions presented by the members. Include ballot with newsletter, work in conjunction with

Secretary on this. Be sure each current member and each new member receives a copy of the by-laws and all amendments.

SECTION 6. Membership/Publicity/Newsletter:

Responsible for all public relations for the club. Handle the club newsletter, submit articles to the Buckskin World News and all local horse publications,

Actively pursue new members and answer membership inquires. Mail out membership renewal forms to all current members by November 30th so members can have

their dues paid by January 1st.

SECTION 7. Fund Raising:

Responsible for promoting activities to raise funds for the club treasury.

SECTION 8. Properties and Purchasing:

Maintain storage of all club equipment (flags, stopwatches, P.A. system, walkie talkies, jumps and all tangible club properties). Inventory equipment and

make recommendations for purchases. Responsible for obtaining 3 written bids on any major purchases and submit back to the board for approval. Responsible

for transporting all necessary equipment to all club functions including parades and shows.

SECTION 9. Grievance:

Handle any grievance concerning any club activities and justify documentation. All grievances must be submitted in writing, signed, and be accompanied by a

$25.00 fee. The fee may be refunded if the grievance is found to be valid.

SECTION 10. Point Tally:

Responsible for tallying MHBHA Halter, Amateur and Open Performance, and Youth Activity points and Parade and Trail points for MHBHA's permanent records.

Members are to be responsible for keeping their own individual IBHA points. Audit of the club points will be done by the point tally committee once a year.

Responsible for getting points to newsletter editor in time for monthly publication, or posting current points at shows.

Point System Rules

SECTION 1: Eligibility:

To be eligible, the horse must be registered with the IBHA. The owner must be a member in good standing of the IBHA and MHBHA. Amateur and Youth exhibitors

must hold current IBHA Amateur or Youth cards. Horses eligible will begin to accumulate points at the time the "Year End Nomination Form" is turned in to the

Work Time committee chairperson.

SECTION 2: Points: MHBHA points will be awarded as follows:

MHBHA Charter Point System

# of Horses Shown    1st    2nd    3rd    4th    5th    6th
6 or more    6    5    4    3    2    1
5    5    4    3    2    1    
4    4    3    2    1         
3    3    2    1              
2    2    1                   
1    1                        


      GRAND Champion of each sex division will receive at least one point more than any other horse in its sex division.
   2. RESERVE Champion will receive as many points as any other horse in its sex division except the Grand Champion.
   3. Daily High Points at MHBHA Shows and Year End Awards will be figured in the following manner on the MHBHA Point System:
   4. HIGH POINT YOUTH - points are based on youth-one horse/rider
   5. HIGH POINT AMATEUR - points are based on amateur-one horse/one rider
   6. HIGH POINT OPEN - points are based on horse, no limit on exhibitors - only one color class counts for high point

Year End Awards

SECTION 1 In order to be eligible for year end awards, a member is required to choose one of the following options:

   1. Work two (2) full days at open or closed horse shows or other designated functions or find a suitable substitute to work in his/her place. Fifteen

hours of committee work will count as one day.
   2. Pay $150 to MHBHA
   3. Get $300 in sponsorships.

All members wishing to participate in year end awards must turn in a "Year End Award Nomination Form" by June 1 to the Work Time committee chairperson,

specifying their option. The Work Time committee chairperson will be responsible for keeping an accurate record of hours worked. Points Committee chairperson

will be responsible for keeping an accurate record of points earned.

SECTION 2 Possible errors or discrepancies must be brought to the Points Committee Chairperson's attention in order to be investigated and/or corrected.

Points will be audited before year end awards are given.

SECTION 3 A minimum of 10 points per horse/exhibitor per class must be earned to be eligible for year end awards.


SECTION 1 The members shall have the power to make and amend and repeal the by-laws of the Association by the vote of 2/3's of the members in good standing

at any regular meeting of the Association. Thirty days written notice of the proposed amendments must be sent to all members in good standing before any vote

may be called for.



















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