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Burnt Cork (horse)

Burnt Cork (Horse) (1940 - ) was a thoroughbred race horse, a son of Mr. Bones, who was owned by Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson.[1] His career earnings totaled $21,130 in 38 starts. The horse had 9 wins, places, and shows.[2]

Burnt Cork became the first horse entered at the Kentucky Derby by an African American owner in May 1943.[3] As a dark horse among thoroughbreds eligible for the event, he was timed at 0:36 for 3/8 of a mile on April 6, 1943.[4] Fulfilling a pre-race prediction of a last place finish, Burnt Cork came in 10th in a ten horse field.[5]

Career highlights

As a 2-year-old, a $400 yearling purchase, Burnt Cork won the $5,000 Prairie State Stakes at Washington Park Race Track in Chicago, Illinois, on September 5, 1942. Before an audience of 25,000 people the thoroughbred bested "All Hoss" owned by H.P. Headley.[1] He was defeated by a length and a half by Woodford Lad, a 2-year-old chestnut colt, in the Hawthorne Stakes at Hawthorne Race Course, on September 26, 1942.[6]

Burnt Cork ranked behind Count Fleet in Jack Campbell's Experimental Handicap list of top juvenile thoroughbred's of 1942. Scoring 114 there were 19 thoroughbreds which were rated higher when the list was released on January 15, 1943.[7]

On June 5, 1943 Burnt Cork gained a show at the $5,000 added Steger Handicap at Hawthorne Race Course.[8]


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