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Buying a Pony of America

Buying a Pony of AmericaBuying a Pony of America


How to Select a Pony of America

The Pony of the Americas (POA) was designed as a mount specially for children, with quiet dispostions and a gentle nature.

Step 1:

Know that the Pony of the Americas breed was created in 1954 by breeding an Appaloosa/Arabian mare to a Shetland Pony stallion.

Step 2:

Visualize that POA have mostly white over their loins and hips with dark, egg-shaped spots. Their coat markings are similar to that of an Appaloosa.

Step 3:

The POA stand between 11.2 to 14 hands at the withers and typically weigh 750 to 950 pounds.

Step 4:

Registering a POA foal requires that one of the parents be a registered POA.

Step 5:

Understand that to register a pony of unknown lineage it must be at least two years old and meet color and height requirements to be considered for hardship registration.

Step 6:

Beware that ponies with Paint, pinto or albino parentage or markings cannot be registered.

Step 7:

Identify POA by their mottled skin, particularly around the nose, well-muscled shoulders and forearms, deep chest, refined and slightly dished head, large prominent eyes with white around them, short back, long belly and vertical black-and-white stripes on their hooves.

Step 8:

Choose the POA because it is gentle and easy to train. They excel at trail riding, endurance, driving, gymkhana, dressage, ranch work and hunting.

Step 9:

Realize that the POA tiny stature can make finding well-fitting tack difficult.

Step 10:

Watching the POA weight is always a concern.

Step 11:

Know that all ponies are at risk of laminitis (a severe inflamation of the foot that causes great pain and deformation).

Tips & Warnings:

Contact the Pony of the Americas Club Inc at 5240 Elmwood Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46203. (317) 788-0107.

Horses have personalities just as humans do, make sure you spend time with an individual horse before you buy him or her.


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