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Calming Your Horse Naturally


Natural Temperament Modifiers:


Clover has been used for its sedative and calming action for decades however, it has also been used as a tonic for horses that are in poor condition due to illness.
How to Administer:


Chamomile is used as a sedative for horses that are high strung due to nervousness or stress.
How to Administer:

Lemon Balm:

Lemon Balm has sedative effects and is often used in combination with chamomile to calm nervous horses.
How to Administer:


More specifically the corn poppy is used as a sedative for nervous horses. The opium poppy is distinct from the corn poppy and is not recommended in equine diets due to narcotic-like components that will show up in blood tests under competition rules.
How to Administer:


Valerian is commonly used in sweets and soft drinks. Valerian has a sedative effect on horses; however, it is especially favoured by those managing performance horses due to its ability to calm nervous horses without hindering their ability to perform. It is also used widely to aid recuperation in horses suffering from nervous fatigue. Valerian may be banned in sport horses in the United States due to its ability to affect performance of horses.
How to Administer:


Vervain is commonly used to help keep horses calm during recuperation.
How to Administer:


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