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Canadian cutting horse

The Canadian Cutting Horse type of horse used for cutting and ranch work in Canada. Most are largely based on the American Quarter Horse, and used for ranch work.

Canadian Cutting Horse Association's (CCHA) primary function is to promote the equine sport of cutting cattle through an association organized within Canada. According to the CCHA website itself, a Cutting Horse is not a specific breed of horse. They also state that the majority of Cutting Horses have Quarter Horse bloodlines, as well as Thoroughbred, Paint and Appaloosa bloodlines. It is not a true breed association, in that it does not have a breed registry.


The Canadian Cutting Horse is largely based on the American Quarter Horse, and resembles it in appearance and temperament. They have been bred to be quick, athletic, intelligent, calm, and willing. At short distances, the Canadian Cutting Horse can equal the Quarter Horse's speed. These horses' heads are well-proportioned, with a straight or convex profile; their eyes are intelligent and kind; their ears are mobile and alert; necks are sloped and set well on the shoulders; shoulders are sloped and powerful; chest is broad and deep; the back is straight; the quarters are powerful and muscular; legs are short and strong, and the tendons are hard as well as excellent feet. Canadian Cutting Horses can be chestnut, bay, gray, or brown as well as most other solid colors. They are 15.2-16.1 hands high. Canadian Cutting Horses usually begin training at a young age.

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