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Canadian Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing

The Canadian Triple Crown is a series of three Thoroughbred horse races run annually in Canada which is open to three-year-old horses foaled in Canada. Established in 1959, the series is unique in that it shares the same distances as its American counterpart, but is contested on three different race surfaces.

Since 2006, the first leg, the Queen's Plate, has been contested at 1¼ miles on Polytrack at Toronto, Ontario's Woodbine Racetrack, whereas the July Prince of Wales Stakes is a 1³/16 mile event run on dirt at Fort Erie Racetrack in Fort Erie, Ontario. The final leg is the 1½ mile Breeders' Stakes in August which is run on Turf over one full lap of the E. P. Taylor Turf Course at Woodbine.

The Canadian Triple Crown shares another characteristic with its American counterpart—all of the races in both series are open to geldings. This differs from the situation in Europe, where many important flat races, notably the British and French classics, bar geldings.

Seven horses have won the Canadian Triple Crown:




Queen's Plate

Prince of Wales Stakes

Breeders' Stakes



1959 New Providence Bobby Ussery Avelino Gomez Avelino Gomez Pete McCann Windfields Farm
1963 Canebora Manuel Ycaza Hugo Dittfach Manuel Ycaza Pete McCann Windfields Farm
1989 With Approval Don Seymour Don Seymour Don Seymour Roger Attfield Kinghaven Farms
1990 Izvestia Don Seymour Don Seymour Don Seymour Roger Attfield Kinghaven Farms
1991 Dance Smartly Pat Day Pat Day Pat Day James E. Day Sam-Son Farm
1993 Peteski Craig Perret Dave Penna Craig Perret Roger Attfield Earle I. Mack
2003 Wando Patrick Husbands Patrick Husbands Patrick Husbands Mike Keogh Gus Schickedanz

  • In 1932 Queensway actually became the first horse to win all three race of the Canadian Triple Crown but her triumphs are not recognized by the Canadian Jockey Club as the first Triple Crown winner.

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