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Centaur Stakes

Grade 2 race
Centaur Stakes
Location Hanshin Racecourse
Inaugurated 1987
Race type Thoroughbred
Website japanracing.jp - Centaur Stakes & Sprinters Stakes
Race information
Distance 1200 meters
(About 6 furlongs)
Track Turf, Right-handed (inner course)
Qualification 3-y-o & Up, Thoroughbreds
Weight 3-y-o 55 kg 4-y-o & up 57kg[1]
Purse ¥127,800,000 (as of 2007)[1]

The Centaur Stakes is a Grade 2 flat horse race in Japan for three-year-old and above thoroughbreds run over a distance of 1,200 metres (approximately 6 furlongs) at Hanshin Racecourse in September.

It was first run in 1987 and takes its name from a statue at the racecourse in the form of the mythological creature Centaur.

Prior to 2000 the race was run over a distance of 1,400 metres (7 furlongs), and having originally been classed as a Domestic Grade 3 race, it was promoted to Domestic Grade 2 status in 2006 and it was promoted to International Grade 2 status in 2007.

It is now the fifth leg in the eight race Global Sprint Challenge series, preceded by the July Cup and followed by the Sprinters Stakes.

Winners since 2000






2000 Behind the Mask 4 Yuichi Fukunaga Shuji Kitahashi 1:07.6
2001 Tennessee Girl 4 Kazuhiro Yamada Masanao Tsubo 1:08.1
2002 Believe 4 Yasunari Iwata Shigeki Matsumoto 1:07.1
2003 Tenshino Kiseki 5 Norihiro Yokoyama Kojiro Hashiguchi 1:07.8
2004 Golden Cast 4 Yutaka Take Kojiro Hashiguchi 1:08.2
2005 Golden Cast 5 Futoshi Komaki Kojiro Hashiguchi 1:08.3
2006 She Is Tosho * 6 Kenichi Ikezoe Akio Tsurudome 1:08.6
2007 Sans Adieu 5 Yuga Kawada Hidetaka Otonashi 1:07.1
2008 Kanoya Zakura 4 Futoshi Komaki Kojiro Hashiguchi 1:07.3
2009 Ultima Thule 5 Masami Matsuoka Masashi Okuhira 1:07.8

* The 2006 race took place at Chukyo Racecourse.

Earlier winners

  • 1987 Mr. Boy
  • 1988 Sankin Hayate
  • 1989 Hoei Sovereign
  • 1990 Eiko Caesar
  • 1991 Nifty Niece
  • 1992 My Superman
  • 1993 Elizabeth Rose
  • 1994 Eishin Washington
  • 1995 Biko Pegasus
  • 1996 Fujino Makken O
  • 1997 Osumi Tycoon
  • 1998 Meiner Love
  • 1999 Eishin Guymon
  • 2000 Behind the Mask



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