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Chick Lang Stakes top three finishers

This is a listing of the horses that finished in either first, second, or third place and the number of starters in the Chick Lang Stakes, a grade 3 American thoroughbred race on dirt at six furlongs at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, Maryland formerly known as the Hirsch Jacobs Stakes.[1]


First Place

Second Place

Third Place


2010 Comedero Latigo Shore Quiet Invader 6
2009 Everyday Heroes Not for Silver Checklist 9
2008 Lantana Mob Silver Edition Force Freeze 9
2007 Street Magician Southwestern Heat Hobbitontherocks 7
2006 Songster Valid Brush Urban Guy 6
2005 no race no race no race 0
2004 Abbondanza Bwana Charlie Penn Pacific 9
2003 Mt. Carson Gators N Bears Only the Best 8
2002 True Direction Listen Here It's a Monster 8
2001 City Zip Sea of Green Stake Runner 7
2000 Max's Pal Ultimate Warrior Stormin Oedy 8
1999 Erlton Jeanies Rob Jovial Brush 7
1998 Klabin's Gold Carnivorous Habit Greenspring Willy 7
1997 Original Gray American Champ Stroke 9
1996 Viv Fort Dodge Big Rut 6
1995 Ft. Stockton Splendid Sprinter Sittin Cool 6
1994 Foxie G Distinct Reality Spartan's Hero 7
1993 Montbrook Without Dissent Mighty Game 7
1992 Speakerphone Coin Collector Golden Phase 7
1991 Ameri Run Exclusive Dove Nasty Hero 6
1990 Collegian Hit the Mahogoney Bardland 5
1989 Pulverizing Jimmy Coggins Midas 6
1988 Finder's Choice Smarter Than Royal Highlander 4
1987 Green Book Judge's Dream Silano 7
1986 Super Delight Part Dutch Fun Bunch 8
1985 Beat Me Daddy Banjo Dancing Urigo 7
1984 Mickey Mall Moschini Bold Flunky 7
1983 Emperial Age Unreal Zeal Zeb's Hell Cat 5
1982 Mortgage Man Woody's Wish St. Chrisbee 7
1981 Century Prince J. D. Quill Irish King 5
1980 Amber Pass Pickett's Charge Peace for Peace 8
1979 Breezing On Fearless McGuire Our Gary 8
1978 Shelter Half Star de Naskra Game Prince 9
1977 Iron Derby Jeff's Try Tiny Monk 7
1976 Zen Cojak Greek Victor 4
1975 Bombay Duck Gallant Bob Ben S. 9

A designates an American Champion or Eclipse Award winner.


  1. 2007 Maryland Jockey Club Media Guide, page 32 on March 3, 2007.


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