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Choosing a Veterinarian for Your Horse

Choosing a Veterinarian for Your Horse








Choosing a Veterinarian for Your Horse









How to Choose a Veterinarian

Horses Go to the Doctor, Too!

Veterinarians who specialize in the care of horses, donkies, mules, and other livestock are often difficult to find, especially in the city.

Interview your prospective new vet and be sure that the vet you choose is one that leaves you feeling confident that your horse is in "Good Hands".

Find a veternarian who knows the diseases, injuries, and maintenance of horses backwards and forwards, so you are always assured of the best care possible. 

If you can find a vet clinic with several doctors specializing in "equine health" on staff, all the better.  This will improve the odds of getting help when you really need it most.  Ask about on site (where the vet comes visits you horse rather than you bringing the horse to him/her).  Be sure to ask about emergency and after hours practices / policies and prices.

If possible, find a vet that is willing to spend time with you; review your horses current health or health problems, discuss your feeding practices and get advise, find out what general maintenance your vet recommends to help insure good health for your horse in the future.  This may include, grain, hay, shots, worming, teeth floating, hoof trimmin/shoeing, grooming, etc.  Recommended shots will vary from region to region, depending on the unique deseases common to your area.


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