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Chris Rogers (jockey)

Chris Rogers
Chris Rogers in a workout
Occupation Jockey
Birthplace Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Birth date 6, 1924(1924-Template:MONTHNUMBER-06)
Death date 29, 1976 (aged 52)
Career wins 2,043
Major racing wins, honours & awards
Major racing wins

Cup and Saucer Stakes (1943, 1949)
Jockey Club Cup Handicap (1944)
Victoria Stakes (1944, 1950, 1969)
Durham Cup Stakes (1945)
Plate Trial Stakes (1945, 1949)
Jamaica Handicap (1949)
Grey Stakes (1950, 1969, 1976)
Widener Handicap (1950)
Vandal Stakes (1957)
Colin Stakes (1957)
Jersey Derby (1958)
Flamingo Stakes (1959)
Lamplighter Handicap (1960)
Display Stakes (1961)
Seaway Stakes (1962, 1969)
Natalma Stakes (1969)
Princess Elizabeth Stakes (1969)
Shady Well Stakes (1969)
Swynford Stakes (1970)
Selene Stakes (1970)
Col. R.S. McLaughlin Handicap (1974)
Clarendon Stakes (1976)

Canadian Classic Race wins:
Queen's Plate (1949, 1950, 1954)
Racing awards
Sovereign Award for Outstanding Jockey (1976)
Avelino Gomez Memorial Award (1988)
Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame (1977)
Significant horses
Epic, Piet, Kingarvie, Puss'n Boots,
Lincoln Road, Fanfreluche

Christopher J. Rogers (October 6, 1924 - October 29, 1976) was a Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame jockey about whom the great U.S. Racing Hall of Fame inductee Eddie Arcaro called "one of the most complete riders he had ridden against or watched." According to the Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame, "Many horsemen consider Rogers the best jockey produced in Canada."

Rogers won his first race on his very first try on Bon Marche at Fort Erie Race Track in 1941[citation needed] and went on to win 2,043 races in his career including numerous important graded stakes races in Canada. He won that country's most prestigious race, the Queen's Plate, three times: with Epic in 1949, McGill in 1950 and Cosllisteo in 1954. In 1958 Rogers guided longshot Lincoln Road to victory in the Jersey Derby and to second place finishes in the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes behind the future U.S. Hall of Fame colt, Tim Tam.

Chris Rogers died of lung cancer in 1976 and the following year was inducted in Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame.


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Read about Lincoln Road's finish in the Kentucky Derby, p.106 [2]


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