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Club Hipico de Santiago

Horse Race Track

Club Hipico de Santiago

Image:Club Hipico Santiago logo.jpg
Location Santiago, Chile
Year opened 1870
Race type Thoroughbred
Website www.clubhipico.cl

Principal Races

Premio El Ensayo (Chi-G1)

Chilean Oaks (Chi-G1)

Polla de Potrillos (Chi-G1)

Polla de Potrancas (Chi-G1)

Club Hipico de Santiago is a thoroughbred horse race track in Santiago, Chile.



Club Hipico de Santiago, opened in 1870, is Chile's oldest racetrack and home to South America's oldest stakes race, the El Ensayo. It is one of Chile's three main tracks, the others being Hipodromo Chile and Valparaiso Sporting Club.

Physical attributes

Club Hipico features a wide right-handed turf course, approximately 2400 m (12 furlongs) long, and is landscaped with gardens, fountains and ponds.


Apart from the horse racing activity, the venue is also used for concerts, due to the large audience that can attend them and the fact that it's currently the only venue in Santiago that can hold over 30,000 people for a concert (Estadio Nacional was closed for repair and will be re-opened early 2010). The Vive Latino festival was held in Chile for the first time on April 15, 2007, attracting over 30,000 people because of the diversity of artists that performed, as three stages where built up and being used at the same time. British band Keane finished the concert with 18,000 people still at the venue though their performance started at 11:30 p.m. La Cumbre Del Rock Chileno, which is an annual festival that gathers over 50 Chilean acts was held at Club Hípico on January 11, 2009. Bands and artists who have performed successful concerts include Iron Maiden (60.000 people, the highest concert attendance so far) and Jonas Brothers. Each of those bands attracted nearly 40,000 people to their shows. Depeche Mode performed an almost sold-out concert on October 15, 2009 as part of their Tour of the Universe world tour, attracting nearly 50,000 people, as well as Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, who performed on October 11, 2009. Metallica performed a concert on January 26th, 2010 as part of their World Magnetic Tour, attracting more than 55,000 followers of the band, which is said to be the concert with the largest attendance at the venue after Iron Maiden.


Live racing takes place every Friday, every other Monday and on some Sundays. Racedays are extremely long by International standards, usually featuring around 18 races per card.

2007 Major Stakes Schedule

Date Race (Premio ...) Distance Age/Sex Grade
Fri Feb 16 Verano - Arturo Cousino 2000 m 3+ G2
Fri May 4 Carlos Campino 1800 m 3+ G2
Sun May 20 Club Hipico de Santiago - Falabella 2000 m 3+ G1
Fri Jun 22 Alberto Vial Infante 1600 m 2M G1
Fri Jun 29 Francisco Baeza 2000 m 3+ F&M G2
Fri Jun 29 Arturo Lyon Pena 1600 m 2F G1
Fri Aug 10 Criadores 1600 m 3M G2
Fri Aug 10 Criadores - Dorana 1600 m 3F G2
Fri Aug 24 Copa de Oro 2000 m 3+ G2
Fri Aug 31 Polla de Potrillos 1700 m 3M G1
Fri Sep 7 Polla de Potrancas 1700 m 3F G1
Fri Oct 5 Nacional Ricardo Lyon 2000 m 3yo G1
Sun Nov 4 El Ensayo 2400 m 3yo G1
Sun Dec 2 Las Oaks 2000 m 3F G1
Mon Dec 10 Velocidad 1000 m 3+ G2
Fri Dec 28 Gran Clasico Coronacion - Entel 2000 m 3+ G2

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